Dimension 20 Announces The Unsleeping City Season Two

College Humor and DROPOUT revealed today that Dimension 20 is coming back for season two of The Unsleeping City. A return to one of the most popular campaigns they've done since launching the tabletop RPG series, it appears the crew for this particular story has been called back to defend a fantasy version of NYC. Not like the city couldn't already take care of itself, but you know, it needs help on occasion. We got the details below as the series will officially return on November 11th, 2020.

A return to the city for Dimension 20 and all the problems within. Courtesy of College Humor.
A return to the city for Dimension 20 and all the problems within. Courtesy of College Humor.

In this sequel campaign to The Unsleeping City, the champions of New York are called upon once again to defend both the waking world and the borough of dreams from the greatest danger of all – unfettered capitalism. Game Master (and New York native) Brennan Lee Mulligan is back to weave a tale about community, magic, and the power of dreams, alongside players Emily Axford, Ally Beardsley, Brian Murphy, Zac Oyama, Siobhan Thompson, and Lou Wilson. Remotely-shot to keep everyone in the cast and production team as safe and healthy as possible, and utilizing virtual battlemaps through the Roll20 platform, this is a season of Dimension 20 unlike any other.

Dimension 20: Big Bads Of The Season

A massive corporation called Gladiator (that's basically Amazon) and the collective misanthropy of the world, which begins to manifest in strange ways that threaten both the waking and dreaming worlds. Themes are very much about the importance of community, taking care of one another, and moving forward with life.


  • Emily Axford as Sofia Lee (recovering alcoholic widow, Chosen One of the Order of the Concrete Fist, and friend to La Gran Gata, the deity of NYC bodega cats)
  • Ally Beardsley as Pete (recovering drug addict / dealer, book store clerk, and the Vox Fantasma, the chosen representative of the dreaming world)
  • Brian Murphy as Cody (manager at the mall Hot Topic who finds himself drawn into the world of magic in an unexpected way)
  • Zac Oyama as Ricky Matsui (impossibly hunky former firefighter, current community service worker and boyfriend to head of the Gramercy Occult Society, Esther Sinclair)
  • Siobhan Thompson as Iga aka Madame Anastasia (a working mother who runs a tarot reading shop with mafia connections)
  • Lou Wilson as Kingston Brown (nurse at St. Owens Hospital and the Vox Populi, the protector of the peoples of New York City)


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