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How Comic World Could End
By Christopher Helton We talked about this at the beginning of the week, but Comic World, a comic store that has been in the Largo, Florida area since 1982 is in danger of closing Yesterday Dc Comics creator Jimmy Palmiotti and Concrete Canvas Studios artist Greg Mattson signed books and did sketches to help raise some money for Patrick Potter[...]
Mom And Pop Move Their Comic Shop
Marsha and Alan Giroux write, Our comic book store, All About Books & Comics, a Will Eisner Award winning store, has been in business in Central
Will Minimum Wage Legislation Threaten Comic Book Store Survival?
And comic store owners are having similar feelings Mentioning no names, but in cities like San Francisco with high rents and high costs of living, as well as a relative lower amount of low cost labour, this will see an increase in costs but not a great deal more money on the streets to be spent, in relative terms. Ironically, it[...]
Work In A Comic Store? Want To Move Into The New York Comic Industry?
This position requires availability for after-hours events, and weekend travel throughout the year. Responsibilities include (but are not limited to): Planning, marketing, and executing donation center updates and promotions, using the Shopify platform. Planning, marketing, and executing weekly auctions on eBay Planning, marketing, and executing crowd-funding campaigns Develops visual communications, including print and online ads, promotional materials, and social media[...]
Blacker Friday For Some Comic Stores This Week?
It looks like it may be a "Very Black Friday" for Midwest and Northeast comic stores, who get their comic book deliveries from Diamond Comic Distributors' warehouses in Plattsburgh. Comics that were supposed to be shipped on Friday to northeast stores across to Michigan just found out this morning that they didn't leave Syracuse until 5am today. Which[...]
Tampa Bay's Emerald City Comics Celebrates 25 Years
By Christopher Helton It isn't every day that a comic store makes it to twenty five years, and this past weekend local comic store Emerald City Comics wrapped up a month long celebration of reaching this milestone This weekend's party was a tie-in to the new Batman-related television show Gotham that aired this past week. In addition[...]
Welcome To The Fortress – A New Comic Store In Ontario, Canada
  This weekend, a new comic store opened in the Greater Toronto area in Ontario, Canada It's called Fortress Inc, it's got a great looking storefront logo, and looks clean and spacious Heavy on the superhero, it's always nice to report a new store opening, rather than one closing. If you're in the area, pop by and[...]