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4 More Comic Stores Damaged or Looted During the Protests in the USA

Since then, several other comic stores have also taken their experiences public As before, they have different experiences and ways of responding. Vault of Midnight - Grand Rapids, Michigan Vault of Midnight posted their experiences. Last night, Vault of Midnight Grand Rapids was one of the businesses damaged after the protests downtown We are making quick work to[...]


Emerald Phoenix Comics of British Columbia Can't Make Rent, Closes

Comic book store Emerald Phoenix Comics of Aldergrove, British Columbia, posted the following notice, saying "It's a sad day but unfortunately for the first time after all these years we haven't made enough to pay rent." Chris Bodnar, Emerald Phoenix Comics' owner, continued Given the times we are in and the uncharted territory we had […]


Comic Store In Your Future – A Whole Lot Of Not Knowing

Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics of Ankeny, Iowa writes the Comic Store in Your Future column weekly for Bleeding Cool Find previous columns here and catch up with Bleeding Cool's coverage of the current situation and how it affects the comic book industry with this tag Lamberti writes,We are now into week #2 of no new[...]

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The UK Comic Store That Got US Comics This Week – And FCBD Too

It seems that we are but a select few comic stores to receive this weeks comics and trades We have had a unprecedented amount of messages asking for our extra copies and what is remaining Please read on For all of you that have pre-ordered and pre-paid for comics .. you will get your items[...]

The Comic Store Giving Away Toilet Roll With Every $50 Spent

a comic store in Laguna Hills, California, has a rather intriguing promotion, given current events. Every $50 worth of comics purchase (EXCLUDING NEW COMICS) gets you a FREE roll of this insanely sought after toilet paper from Costco‼️ This promo includes ALL COMICS & Graphic Novels, omnibuses and art books.And it seems to have gone down[...]

DC Moves Comic Store LED Sign Inserts Back To $25 a Year

Last year, DC Comics launched a new advertising/promotional feature/device for comic book stores. An LED frame to be hung in, or outside of, stores, that would come with a new topical insert every three months, promoting DC Comics product in an attractive fashion. The offered image changed every three months and retailers will had the option […]

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All The Rage, Comic Store in Festus, Missouri, To Close in March

Existing fanbases are likely to make the former more well known, but please let us know if a comic store is opening or closing in your neighbourhood Just e-mail Years ago, when I used to write for what is now called Comics Bulletin, I write a comics gossip column called All the Rage[...]

Thief Tried to Sell Comics Back to the Store They Robbed Them From

The Thief Who Tried to Sell Comics Back to the Store She Robbed Them From

What's the equivalent of the Darwin Award for thieves? Martin Casas, owner of the comic book store Apotheosis Comics in St Louis, Missouri, had three thousand comics stolen out of a storage unit in St Louis. Casas stated that 'a lot of my comics were not high in value but mostly were collected for sentimental […]

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Modern Myths Closing Both Comic Book Stores

New York comic book store Modern Myths posted the following message to customers on their Facebook page this week. They will be closing both their stores later this year — Northampton at the end of May, and Mamaroneck at the end of June. After more than fifteen years of serving readers and gamers in two […]

Third Eye Comics Shows Off Brand New Store

On Friday, July 7th, Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, MD held a preview night for select guests to check out the new store on 209 Chinquapin Round Rd. According to store owner Steve Anderson, 80 out of 100 Golden Ticket holders came, and the first 50 of said guests event got a sweet Third Eye […]

How Comic World Could End

By Christopher HeltonWe talked about this at the beginning of the week, but Comic World, a comic store that has been in the Largo, Florida area since 1982 is in danger of closing Yesterday Dc Comics creator Jimmy Palmiotti and Concrete Canvas Studios artist Greg Mattson signed books and did sketches to help raise some money for Patrick Potter[...]

What Happens When A Car Drives Into A Comic Shop

Yesterday afternoon, an elderly woman drove her car into the West Melbourne comic book store Famous Faces & Funnies. She crushed their two glass front doors and went into their front counter. According to the store, it was an accelerator/brakes pad mixup in the disabled parking bay outside the store, and podcaster Shaun Cobble was […]

Mom And Pop Move Their Comic Shop

Marsha and Alan Giroux write, Our comic book store, All About Books & Comics, a Will Eisner Award winning store, has been in business in Central Phoenix for 33 years. Unfortunately, we recently lost our lease and our family-owned comic shop is being forced to move locations. This news came as a heartbreaking surprise to […]

Will Minimum Wage Legislation Threaten Comic Book Store Survival?

And comic store owners are having similar feelings Mentioning no names, but in cities like San Francisco with high rents and high costs of living, as well as a relative lower amount of low cost labour, this will see an increase in costs but not a great deal more money on the streets to be spent, in relative terms. Ironically, it[...]

Work In A Comic Store? Want To Move Into The New York Comic Industry?

This position requires availability for after-hours events, and weekend travel throughout the year.Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):Planning, marketing, and executing donation center updates and promotions, using the Shopify platform. Planning, marketing, and executing weekly auctions on eBay Planning, marketing, and executing crowd-funding campaigns Develops visual communications, including print and online ads, promotional materials, and social media[...]

Blacker Friday For Some Comic Stores This Week?

It looks like it may be a "Very Black Friday" for Midwest and Northeast comic stores, who get their comic book deliveries from Diamond Comic Distributors' warehouses in Plattsburgh.Comics that were supposed to be shipped on Friday to northeast stores across to Michigan just found out this morning that they didn't leave Syracuse until 5am today.Which[...]