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Comica At The London Print Studio
Issues with the Institute of Contemporary Art have seen the annual ComICA festival drop those capitals to become plain old Comica and relocate its main stage to the London Print Studio in West London, well away from the poncey premises next door to Buckingham Palace And into the wide open spaces, well away from anything[...]
Comics Trying To Escape
It's about time for Bleeding Cool to start the run up to its traditional (as in, for the second year) most comprehensive independent coverage you'll find to the largest English language comics art festival in the world. Because ComICA 2010 from the Institute Of Contemporary Arts is on its way. The London Print Studio has launched the[...]
James Jean and Tara McPherson at ComICA by Paul Tierney
Paul Tierney attended the ComICA talk on behalf of Bleeding Cool with James Jean and Tara McPherson last Friday. Like many of the talks at ComICA in the ICA, Fabulous: James Jean & Tara McPherson was originally scheduled to take place in the 90-capacity Nash Room However demand for tickets was so great that the talk[...]
Alan Moore To Write New BoJeffries Saga
At the ComICA League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen event last night, Alan Moore announced that he was writing new episodes of The BoJeffries Saga for Steve Parkhouse, to be published by Top Shelf comix. The BoJeffries Saga is the long lost forgotten child of Warrior magazine. While V For Vendetta and Marvelman would go on to great acclaim,[...]