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Brian Bolland Dave Gibbons
As I finally manage to wade through the panel I hosted between Tim Pilcher and Dave Gibbons at LFCC last November, and from the Century Club Comica Panel with Brian Bolland and Dave Gibbons, as part of Paul Gravett's Comica events last week There's another event tonight, with Armando Iannucci and Mike Lake, and another[...]
Brian Bolland Dave Gibbons
It's part of a series of events being hosted at the Century Club, Paul Gravett's Comica for 2023, and I'll be reporting on it at length, but for now, I thought you might like a gallery of pages from the two books than ran during their talk And which I managed to snap most of[...]
Posy Simmonds Receives Sergio Aragonés International Award (Video)
Last night at the Century Club in London's West End, Paul Gravett launched a new Comica series of events, with Posy Simmonds in conversation with Lizzy Stewart A most enjoyable time, we walked through their respective careers, approaches and upcoming work – at the age of 77, Posy Simmonds is currently involved in her "casting[...]
See Posy Simmonds Receive Her Award At London's Century Club, Tonight
Tonight, Posy Simmonds will be in conversation with Lizzy Stewart at a special Comica event at the Century Club on Shaftesbury Avenue, London, where she will discuss her life as an artist, writer and observer of the world, revealing aspects about her childhood, friendships and artists that most inspired her work At the end of[...]
Things To Do In London If You Like Comics For March 2023
The new edition of Things To Do In London If You Like Comics for March 2023, with the Comica Events in the Century Club beginning with Posy Simmonds alongside the elusive Troopers in two days time, the London Comic Con Spring from Showmasters this weekend and the Gerry Anderson Century 21 exhibition launching at the[...]
London Private Members Club Becomes Comica Comics Festival In March
And now in March, it will host the long-awaited return of Comica, The London Comics Festival in association with VIP Brands Ltd and The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, a series of panels running in the evening through the month, with everyone from Armando Iannucci to Posy Simmonds, from Brian Bolland to Iain Sinclair, Dave[...]
Comica Comiket Returns To London In A Week-And-A-Bit
Comica Comiket is returning to London after the show was cancelled last year. It promises a "Cavalcade of Celebrity Cartoonists drawing live throughout the afternoon in The Fabulous Drawing Parade." The Comica Comiket will take place beneath the giant Victorian glass-roofed shed that spans the gap between the brand new building for the House Of Illustration –  where[...]
Craig Thompson At The British Library – Things To Do In London Tonight If You Like Comics
Tonight, the British Library in London sees an evening with comic book creator Craig Thompson, author of Blankets and Habibi, in conversation with Comica's Paul Gravett. As we;; as his previous work, they'll be talking about his new family drama colour graphic novel, Space Dumplins. In the tradition of plucky heroines like Alice, and their astonishing adventures, his new[...]
This Is Where I Will Be In London, Tomorrow Lunchtime
The latest Comica thing, Cityread, and the London Graphic Novel Network will be putting on a panel, S.M.A.S.H in the Barbican Library. Three subjects Three panels And there's no way I'm missing it. And we start with an informal chat – followed by a discussion with the audience, featuring: Ben Aaronovitch (Rivers of London) Steven Appleby (Guide to Life) Gareth Brookes (The[...]
Paul Gravett's Statement On The Postponement Of Comiket To 2015
We reported on the cancellation of London' Comica Comiket small press comics festivel a week ahead of its intended date over the weekend Comica organiser Paul Gravett sent the following to Bleeding Cool this morning. We are very sorry to say we have had to postpone the Comica Scarycat Comiket for 1 November 2014. This has never happened[...]
London's Comiket Cancelled For November, Will Reschedule In 2015
Only last evening we were being told that, Come and have fun at the Scarycat #comicacomiket on Saturday 1 Nov Please retweet! — Paul Gravett (@paul_gravett) October 24, 2014 But today it all changed. #comicacomiket on 1.11.2014 has been postponed until Spring 2015 Scarycat has wiped her face We are looking forward to the next already! —[...]
Comica Begins Today In London, From Here To Comiket
Comica, London's comics art festival begins today, right after The Lakes Comic Art Festival at the weekend in Kendal Lots more smoke, noise and transport issues But here's a look at what's coming up. Comica Comiket also returns to London in November for a new marketplace display of small press comic books from the length and[...]
Things To Do In London In August If You Like Comics
Scott Denison, "Design fiction as a means of provoking individual foresight and participation in today's decision making." David Sweeney, "'I Cannot March Up and Down Their Ranks…' Collecting, Reading and Owning Digital Comics" 6.30pm-8pm Bryan Lee O'Malley, part of the COMICA Festival Weekend. Conference Centre, British Library £8, (£6 Over 60s) and £5.  Book now. 7pm – 8pm Comic Book Networking: It's Not Just[...]
Things To Do In London This Weekend If You Like Comics
Food, sex, and, erm, opera are amongst the avenues of exploration chosen by the Strumpets – not that they stop there! Ever wonder where your street food comes from? Ever fancy a catfight between Sookie Stackhouse and Bella from Twilight? Well, then read on! Contributors include Hannah Berry, Robin Ha, Hazel Newlevant, Colleen Frakes, Hayley[...]
Goodbye Kitty At Comiket Talking to Rus Hudda of Eat Sleep Sniff at Comiket yesterday, a comic creator who works with cat charities and
A London Day Out At Comica's Comiket Nokia very kindly have loaded me a Nokia Lumia 1020 for a month. With a 41 Mp camera. Well, I was going to have
Rian Hughes' Rather Backwards Cover For Batman
From the Comica series of events last week, Rian Hughes' rather remarkable looking cover to his upcoming Batman comic for DC Comics. From the Comica series of events last week, Rian Hughes' rather remarkable looking cover to his upcoming Batman comic for DC Comics. From the Comica series of events last week, Rian Hughes' rather[...]
Lorenzo Mattotti And Dave McKean To Kick Off ComICA 2011
You wait for one comics festival in London and then four come along at one. ComICA will be kicking off this year's activities on Saturday March 12th, 6-7.30 pm at Goldsmiths University in South-East London.with Italian comics creator Lorenzo Mattotti launching his new graphic novel Stigmata, translated by Fantagraphics, in the UK, along with his  illustrated[...]
Comica At The London Print Studio
Issues with the Institute of Contemporary Art have seen the annual ComICA festival drop those capitals to become plain old Comica and relocate its main stage to the London Print Studio in West London, well away from the poncey premises next door to Buckingham Palace And into the wide open spaces, well away from anything[...]
Comics Trying To Escape
It's about time for Bleeding Cool to start the run up to its traditional (as in, for the second year) most comprehensive independent coverage you'll find to the largest English language comics art festival in the world. Because ComICA 2010 from the Institute Of Contemporary Arts is on its way. The London Print Studio has launched the[...]
James Jean and Tara McPherson at ComICA by Paul Tierney
Paul Tierney attended the ComICA talk on behalf of Bleeding Cool with James Jean and Tara McPherson last Friday. Like many of the talks at ComICA in the ICA, Fabulous: James Jean & Tara McPherson was originally scheduled to take place in the 90-capacity Nash Room However demand for tickets was so great that the talk[...]
Alan Moore To Write New BoJeffries Saga
At the ComICA League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen event last night, Alan Moore announced that he was writing new episodes of The BoJeffries Saga for Steve Parkhouse, to be published by Top Shelf comix. The BoJeffries Saga is the long lost forgotten child of Warrior magazine. While V For Vendetta and Marvelman would go on to great acclaim,[...]