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Written by a Bot: Five Ways Brian Bendis Made Superman Cool Again

Written by a Bot: Five Facts You May Not Know About Comic Book Piracy

Comics piracy is a touchy subject, but one which could be subject to a lot of misinformation. In order to clear things up, we asked our bot, Listiclon 5000, to create a listicle full of factoids about comics piracy which seem legit enough to us. In the dog eat dog world of comic book "journalism," […]

'That Comic Page' On Facebook Should Be A Fairly Easy Comic Book Piracy Takedown

Taking down comic book piracy websites can be tricky. And while torrents receive considerable assault from IP owners, websites where people post entire comic books have become more far more prevelant — and popular. Identifying owners can be tricky, as new domain names can be launched and the whole site can just be moved over. […]