And Finally… Never Mind The Mutants

A very non-offiical poster by James Zark that reinterprets Marvel characters Jean Grey and Susan Storm in the light of certain publishing and merchandising decisions made by Marvel Comics over the last year or so… In honor of Marvel Entertainment rebooting their line of comic books sans two of their finest heroines, here's my tribute […]

The Fantastic Four Images That Marvel Wouldn't Let Mike Mitchell Show

Last year, cartoonist and champion of Conan O'Brien, Mike Mitchell had an exhibit of his work called Mitchell x Marvel x Mondo. He has shown off the 52 exhibited images right here. A collection of images including head profile shots of the Avengers, Spider-Men, X-Men and many more. What are significantly missing however are images […]

The New Secret Wars Expands Into Shirts, Bags, Pops And Glasses…

Mad Engine are best known for their T-shirts and hoodies While Bioworld do bags…. Well both will be creating new Secret Wars products alongside the current Marvel event of the same name, while Funko will be creating pops fugures and Cardinal publishing puzzles. While Diamond Select will be creating clothing and glasses all Secret Wars […]

Marvel Mighty Heroes And Trends International On Removing X-Men Characters

At the end of March, Marvel and DeNA launched DeNA and Marvel Entertainment today launched Marvel Mighty Heroes, a real-time co-op brawler written by Fred Van Lente, creator of Marvel comics like X-MEN NOIR, MARVEL ZOMBIES 3, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, and INCREDIBLE HERCULES. For the first time on mobile devices, up to four players will suit […]

Marvel's 2015 Line-Up Poster Loses X-Men And Fantastic Four

Here was 2013's Marvel Line-Up Poster, licensed from Marvel and sold by Trends International. And here is this year's version, using a number of the same images. But now missing all the X-Men and Fantastic Four…Exhibit C. You may draw whatever conclusions you wish. Here's another from 2007 where they were even more central…

Denver Comic Con '15: The Only Way To Get X-Men Vs. Sentinels In Lego

Michael Lujan writes for Bleeding Cool from Denver Comic Con: LEGOS on Display! Colorado/Wyoming LEGO Users' Group "CoWLUG" was in full display on the main floor of the convention this weekend. Members of this group proudly displayed their creations and watched as convention goers marveled at the elaborate models. The displays included a full working […]

Marvel Withdraws X-Men And Fantastic Four License From XM Studios, In Mid Sculpt…

Less than a week ago, statue manufacturer XM Studios Premium Collectibles was showing off designs for their officially licensed X-Men Sentinel diorama. As you can see, all very impressive. Even a close up of fan-favourite Rogue… And last month they had shown off their Cable designs. But, because this is a story on Bleeding Cool, and you've […]

Marvel Points Out There Is An Unedited Secret Wars T-Shirt You Can Buy

In the last week, Bleeding Cool has delighted in pointing out how Marvel licensed Secret Wars T-shirts have been "edited" to remove characters from the Fantastic Four and Marvel. Which seemed to inspire this message on social media from Marvel, pointing out a Secret Wars T-shirt that had not been edited, from Hot Topic. Interesting choice […]

How Far Will This Anti-X-Men Sentiment Spread?

Aristotle Piemash writes, Dear Bleeding Cool, I write regarding your recent article about the strange disappearance of much-loved characters from newly licensed t-shirt designs. Your article made me nostalgic for days gone by so I immediately pulled out my long boxes to read some cherished tales from the past… to my utter dismay I discovered […]

Tom Brevoort Talks Secret Wars T-Shirts And Licensing…

Tom Brevoort, Senior VP Publishing of Marvel Comics is a master wordsmith. He chooses his words with so much care. Sometimes they can lead in one direction while actually meaning something else entirely. So we looked at a recent Marvel licensed T-shirt featuring the Secret Wars #8 cover, from which the X-Men and Fantastic Four […]

A Second Marvel Secret Wars T-Shirt Drops FF And X-Men

Who wasn't even in Secret Wars.Get yours here...CompleX? Exhibit B. Following up on last week's original series Secret Wars cover T-shirt that had been hacked about by Marvel Licensing to remove depiction of X-Men and Fantastic Four characters, comes another T-shirt And it's even more egregious.Compared to the original cover. Note the removal of Human Torch, but[...]

Uncanny X-Men #600 Slips 5 Months From May To October (Tom Brevoort UPDATE)

Uncanny X-Men #600, the final issue by X-Men writer Brian Bendis was intended to be published this month. That is no longer the case. Instead, it appears to have slipped until 7th October. It is joined by other late books, including Powers #3 solicited for February but out this week, Powers #4 solicited for March […]

Replacing The FF And X-Men On Secret Wars Image With Marvel Studio Characters

Note the appearances of Fantastic Four's Human Torch and The Thing, as well as X-Men's Wolverine, Cyclops, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Colossus and Storm.Well here is the Secret Wars cover, on a T-shirt on sale at Wal-Mart.Note the removal of all Fantastic Four characters, and X-Men characters, replaced by Iron Fist, Power Man, Black Panther, Daredevil, Black[...]

Fox Announces New Mutants Movie, Spinning Out Of X-Men

That's the word. The PR is out. And Deadline has it. Josh Boone, director of The Fault In Our Stars will direct and co-write with Knate Gwaltney a New Mutants movie for Fox, based on the X-Men comic that featured younger mutants being trained to be potential X-Men – or something else entirely. The original […]

So What Happens To The Fantastic Four After Secret Wars? (SPOILERS)

More from our big Marvel gossip day.Bleeding Cool was the first to report that Marvel were to cancel the Fantastic Four comic book. We were informed by Marvel staffers that the book was being cancelled, over Marvel's fractious relationship with Fox Studios, who own the movie rights to the comic book. It was an attempt […]

Fantastic Four To End With A Bang, Not A Secret Wars Crossover

The Fantastic Fourever arc sees Marvel's long-running Fantastc Four comic book come to a close. Last summer, Marvel employees got in touch to tell Bleeding Cool that the series was being cancelled as a direct result of CEO Ike Perlmutter's irritation with Fox Studios, their Fantastic Four movie and their attitude towards working with Marvel. As a […]

Why Doesn't Marvel Have An X-Men Cartoon Out?

Once upon a time, Marvel owned the full rights to X-Men, the characters created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and elaborated upon by the likes of Neal Adams, Len Wein, Chris Claremont, John Byrne, Dave Cockrum, Paul Smith John Romita Jr, Louise Simonson, Scott Lobdell, Jim Lee, Fabian Nicea, Whicle Portacio, Matt Fraction, Mike […]

So… What Could The New Fantastic Four Comic Be Like?

A year ago, we told you that the Fantastic Four comic would be cancelled by Marvel. A casualty of the failed Fox/Marvel Studios negotiations, Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter let it be known that he did not want to see a Fantastic Four comic being published while the Fox movie version was in theatres, a reversal […]