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Pokémon & Converse Announce Chuck Taylor All Star Collaboration
Pokémon & Converse have announced that their new collaboration is available Featuring a selection of Chuck Taylor All Stars, customizable shoes, and other clothing options, this line celebrates Pokémon's 25th Anniversary that took place in 2021 Let's take a look. Pokémon Chuck Taylor All Stars Credit: Converse Like all Pokémon items, demand is high and certain products[...]
Michael Jordan's 1984 Olympic Sneakers Go For A Record-Breaking $190,000
It was also the last time he wore Converse in an official game The shoes are signed and include the orthopedic inserts They originally came into the possession of Los Angeles Lakers player Gail Goodrich's 11-year-old grandson. Jordan went on to wear Nikes through out his pro career after the company offered him a five-year deal at[...]
Win a Chance to Appear in a DC Comic via Converse Sweepstakes
Well, I have a new humiliating story to share, but first, let me share some cool news. Today, Converse is launching their new Dark Knight Rises line of sneakers Batman and Bane respectively grace the two new sneakers in their All-Star Chuck Taylor line The depiction of Batman comes straight from a scene in the upcoming[...]
Batman, Catwoman, Joker, and Riddler on Converse Customizable Chucks
We went to the shoe store and — discovering that they were out of pink Converse sneakers — she bought me a pair of raspberry-colored sneaks Yeah, you might think there's very little distinction between pink and raspberry, but let me tell you, when you were sporting raspberry Chucks on your feet for all the[...]
Put Your Foot Into Wonder Woman And Killer Croc
Such as this deal with Converse putting Wonder Woman and Killer Croc onto their Chuck Taylor All Star range This is the sixth run of DC shoes and while Wonder Woman has been a long time coming, I can't help but think that there's not a great demand for Killer Croc… still the crocodile skin[...]
Clips Of Those DC Relaunch Costumes
Especially when major brands and licensing are involved. So the appearance of the new DC Relaunch costumes, collars and all, in the Converse ads running in today's DC comic books must have been in the works for quite a while. Longer probably than certain people actually working on the books in which they appear. It's a funny old[...]
DC Converse Ads – Gotta Catch 'Em All
In all DC Universe books shipping this week, there's an ad for Converse shoes Nothing unusual about that. Expect there are a series of different ads Featuring a different DC superhero in each, all in the same pose taken from the character's comics through the decades, highlight a different DC design on Converse shoe. So you get[...]
The Latest DC Converse Range Goes Classic
Converse has been running DC branded footwear for the last few months, this new line seems to be a little more classic-facing in its approach, eschewing the Jim Lee for something closer to the middle of the twentieth century… Converse has been running DC branded footwear for the last few months, this new line seems[...]