Win a Chance to Appear in a DC Comic via Converse Sweepstakes

For the love of Chucks, I previously humiliated myself (to everyone's enjoyment) with a tale of childhood dreams of acceptance shattered. Well, I have a new humiliating story to share, but first, let me share some cool news.

Today, Converse is launching their new Dark Knight Rises line of sneakers. Batman and Bane respectively grace the two new sneakers in their All-Star Chuck Taylor line. The depiction of Batman comes straight from a scene in the upcoming film, while Bane's appearance is illustrated based on film designs and marks his first appearance in the DC Comics sneaker line. Both sneakers retail for $59.99.

Win a Chance to Appear in a DC Comic via Converse Sweepstakes

Win a Chance to Appear in a DC Comic via Converse Sweepstakes

Converse has some pretty cool developments which will really appeal to comic fans:

  • Each of the Dark Knight Rises sneakers comes with embedded QR codes hidden into the woven label, which can be scanned for an exclusive online comic book download. Nifty!
  • Converse is launching today its awesome "Leave Your World, Enter Theirs" online experience, in which fans can insert themselves (via picture upload) into an interactive, customizable comic strip featuring DC Comics heroes and villains beating the tar out of one another… just the way you like them. Check out the online comic at
  • Finally, there's a sweepstakes contest in which "Leave Your World, Enter Theirs" participants can win a draw-in role for an upcoming DC Comics issue!  Details can be found at the site, as well.

So now, the humiliation. As someone who has bounced around the industry for over a decade, I've made friends with a number of well-placed creators.  Some have graciously fulfilled a lifelong dream for me to appear as an actual character in their comics, as Converse offers to do as part of their "Enter Their World" experience.  And so… I've appeared as a name on gravestones a few times.  I've been referenced on a list of murder victims. A skull identified as my own has appeared on a mantlepiece.  And invincible killer Jason Vorhees once ran my head repeatedly across the ribbing of a supermarket shopping cart as a makeshift cheese-grater.

Hmm.  Why do all my friends want to see me dead?

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