Batman, Catwoman, Joker, and Riddler on Converse Customizable Chucks

True story…

When I was a kid, everyone had Chucks. In fact, all the really cool kids had pink Chucks. I'm not kidding. In the mid-1980s, the mark of being a cool boy in my particular slice of New Jersey was wearing pink sneakers. My mom thought it was absurd but finally relented after a couple months of hassling her. We went to the shoe store and — discovering that they were out of pink Converse sneakers — she bought me a pair of raspberry-colored sneaks. Yeah, you might think there's very little distinction between pink and raspberry, but let me tell you, when you were sporting raspberry Chucks on your feet for all the world to see, that was like a billboard saying, "This kid's ripe for wedgies, pantsing, noogies, and wet willies. Come get some."

True story… True, cruel, humiliating, life-defining story.

Well, thanks to a new campaign launching today from Converse, no kid has to suffer being uncool just 'cause the store may be out of his or her favorite design. Available exclusively at the website, Converse and DC are offering the first-ever "Design-Your-Own DC Comics Chuck Taylor All Star Shoes" featuring the likeness and symbols of four familiar and beloved Batman Family characters. That's right, everybody can be a cool kid by designing their very own Chucks.

Batman, Catwoman, Joker, and Riddler on Converse Customizable Chucks

According to the Converse press release:

• The Converse Design Your Own DC Comics Chuck Taylor All Star shoe options include four custom Batman character patterns: Batman, The Joker, Cat Woman and The Riddler.
• Opportunity to include an embroidered hero or villain ankle patch.
• The Design Your Own process allows unlimited consumer customization options featuring some of Batman's most iconic imagery.
• Other options available are: color shoe laces, stitching, lining, and personalized ID heel strip, allowing consumers to create the ultimate personalized shoe.

Batman, Catwoman, Joker, and Riddler on Converse Customizable Chucks

Prices range from an affordable $55 for kids to $75 for adults, and take about three (3) weeks to be built and delivered.

…I wonder if they come in pink?