Everything Coming To Amazon Prime Video In June

Everything Coming To Amazon Prime Video In June

Newer films like the Child's Play remake, the excellent Knives Out, and last summer's breakout Crawl will also be added to Amazon Prime Video.On the TV side, every season of Life in Pieces and the first part of the second season of their original series Pete the Cat will debut A good mix f stuff[...]

Fangorias 2020 Chainsaw Awards Voting is Now Live

Fangoria's 2020 Chainsaw Awards Voting is Now Live!

Lots of great horror in 2019, although my vote goes to Doctor Sleep wherever it is nominated, but I am sure some of you disagree.Check out the nominees below, and vote for your favorites here.BEST WIDE RELEASE MOVIE *CRAWL DOCTOR SLEEPIT CHAPTER TWOMIDSOMMARREADY OR NOTUSBEST LIMITED RELEASE MOVIE *BLISSDANIEL ISN'T REALIN FABRICTHE LIGHTHOUSENIGHTMARE CINEMASATANIC PANICBEST STREAMING PREMIERE MOVIE *ELIIN[...]

Sam Raimi Tinkers New Ideas for Evil Dead Film Franchise

Sam Raimi Tinkers New Ideas for "Evil Dead" Film Franchise

Evil Dead (which Raimi served as producer) on Starz 14 months ago and the subsequent announcement of star Bruce Campbell retiring from the role at least in live-action form, Raimi’s begun work on the series’ next film.While promoting Crawl, a horror film featuring a killer alligator, Raimi, who serves as producer, talked to Bloody-Disgusting about[...]

Crawl: Watch the Trailer for This Summers The Meg-Like Creature Film

'Crawl': Watch the Trailer for This Summer's The Meg-Like Creature Film

New survival horror film Crawl is hitting theaters on July 12th, and the trailer debuted this afternoon Featuring Barry Pepper and Kaya Scodelario against an army of gators in the middle of a hurricane in Florida, the film is directed by Alexandre Aja and produced by Sam Raimi and Craig Flores Watch the trailer below:[...]

Defunct Energy Cycle &#038 Heart&#038Slash In Video Game Releases: December 19-25

Defunct, Energy Cycle, & Heart&Slash In Video Game Releases: December 19-25

Choose wisely, and remember to have fun!December 19th36 Fragments of Midnight (PS4) 3D Billiard (PS4) Accounting + [VR] (PS4) Brawlout (Switch) CAT Interstellar (PS4) Crawl (Switch) Defunct (XB1) DragonFangZ - The Rose & Dungeon of Time (Switch) Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 (PS4) Gunhouse (Vita) Hammerwatch (PS4) Ultrawings [VR] (PS4) VirtuGo (PS4) Xenon Valkyrie + (Vita)December 20thBridge Constructor Portal (PC) Future War: Reborn (XB1) Life is Strange: Before the Storm -[...]

Sweet Release Ultra Street Fighter IV Crawl Sacred 3 Augusts Free Games

Sweet Release! Ultra Street Fighter IV, Crawl, Sacred 3, August's Free Games

By Jared CorneliusHey gang, before we get started this week just a bit of housekeeping news, I've decided to retire the Live(ish) From The Games Shop moniker.  Without getting into the boring specifics, I got tired of my ego stroking Google searches turning up results for bait shops.  It's also made less sense since our beloved EIC[...]