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New Crusader Kings III Developer Diary Explains More Game Aspects
Game developer Paradox Development Studio and publisher Paradox Interactive have created a developer diary for their strategy game set in the Middle Ages, Crusader Kings III In this diary, the developers talk about a fair few topics of discussion, including decisionmaking in the game, how to manage your characters' level of stress, and the audio of[...]
Crusader Kings Barely Launched a Kickstarter and Already Got Funded
Well, that didn't take long, now did it? Free League had barely launched their Kickstarter for their upcoming board game Crusader Kings yesterday, and today the project is already funded We're talking Zombicide-level of quick funding where they didn't even need to do much campaigning They announced it was launching and within 24 hours, they[...]
Free League Publishing's Crusader Kings Does Let You Murder Your Own Kids
Free League Publishing, best known for their pen and paper RPG Tales of the Loop and Mutant Year Zero, are lending their talents to Paradox Interactive's Crusader Kings IP to bring it to life as a board game The project was announced today at PDXCON, to coincide with the launch of the Kickstarter campaign. Crusader Kings – The Boardgame will[...]
Crusader Kings II is Taking on a New Crusade in the Holy Fury Expansion
Paradox Interactive announced another new expansion for Crusader Kings II, which will take players on a whole new holy war. Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury gives players charge of a body of righteous warriors on a Crusade for the faith, or in defense against attackers. Holy Fury takes its inspiration from the Northern Crusaders of Catholic Europe against[...]
Paradox Interactive are Now Publishing Board Games for their Strategy Franchises
The announcement was made at the massive opening panel for PDXCON in Stockholm, and revealed that the board games will start out with a tabletop version of Crusader Kings Board game versions of Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, and Cities: Skylines are to follow. While the creators at Paradox are attempting to capture the strategy and themes of its games[...]
Crusader Kings 2 Is Free To Play On Steam For The Next Week
Crusader Kings 2 is a bit of a gem The strategy game is one of the most mechanically interesting out there, focusing on building family names and managing your dynasty It's the best Game of Thrones game and it isn't even Game of Thrones themed (unless you install the excellent Westeros mod.) You don't have to[...]