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The Daily Mail, GoFundMe and Black Lives Matter
NotComics: The Daily Mail is a rightwing middle-market newspaper in the UK owned by DMG Media and its reporting is part of the MailOnline website, most active in the USA This week's Private Eye Magazine, my go-to source for in-depth news, satire and cartoons, highlighted a little schizophrenia in its reporting More than the usual. I'm[...]
Daily Mail Runs a Story About Dan Slott's Tweets About the Joker Movie
But it seems we were beaten by it by none other than the Daily Mail Who decided that his status as a Marvel Comics writer made his opinions about the Joker movie headline worthy for their readers. The paper describes him this; Slott – who has penned popular Marvel comic titles including Fantastic Four and Tony Stark:[...]
Representation Matters: Why Now Is The Time For A Female Doctor
Yesterday saw the news that actress Jodie Whittaker will be regenerating into the first female Doctor, and we consequently saw an ocean of male tears flood Twitter, the Daily Mail comments sections and various other avenues for the dispossessed white, male, middle-aged and older populace who find the most superficial of changes more than life[...]
Did Charlie Brooker Know? Or Did He Just Get Very Lucky?
The episode then explores the after effects of the event, revealed as an art project gone to extremes. Tomorrow's Daily Mail newspaper is hitting the streets of London right now It leads with serialised extracts of a new book Call Me Dave, written by ex-treasurer of the Conservative Party, and major party donor and politician, Lord Ashcroft. The extracts make a number of allegations[...]
UKIP Call For Pro-European Union Comics To Be Banned
Today, the Daily Mail ran a story about European Union-funded comic books used to promote the EU to children saying, Brussels officials have been accused of creating 'sinister propaganda' for children after producing a series of cartoons designed to teach children the virtues of the European Union. The pro-EU comics, games and colouring books aim to counter growing[...]
When Neil Gaiman Explained The Daily Mail To Amanda Palmer
Amanda Palmer Vs The Daily Mail From an interview with BBC Newsnight with Amanda Palmer. My husband is British and he's, actually, he's done a very good job at educating me about the varieties of British press and how the British press differs in its approach in a lot of ways from the American press. I wish[...]
Karen Gillan As Angela – How Journalism Works
This is the article that appeared in the Daily Mail on Saturday, but seemingly only in Scottish editions It quite categorically states that Karen Gillen is playing Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane's character Angela in the new Guardians Of The Galaxy movie It was then picked up by the tabloid Scottish paper, the Sunday Mail,[...]
No, Daily Mail, Batman Is Not Gay Either
Yesterday, Fox News decided to suggest that because DC have plans to reintroduce one of their iconic characters to the New 52 as a gay man, that meant that Superman might be gay. Today, the closest (and I originally mispelt that as "closet") thing the UK has to Fox News, the Daily Mail does the same,[...]
Saturday Runaround – Stan Lee, DC Nation And The Daily Mail
This will conclude a three-year run by the writer that began with 2009's FANTASTIC FOUR #570. DCNationWatch: Anyone watching DC Nation? MailWatch: Not even the Daily Mail commentators can get behind the One Million Moms on the Archie issue. OMM are just a group of holier than thou bible thumbers who think the way they believe is the[...]
Eliza Dushku Stakes Daily Mail Over Hayden Panettiere
The Daily Mail ran a piece the other day in which it criticised Hayden Panettiere for charging $30 a signature at the Fan Expo Canada in Toronto this past weekend, claiming that she must have fallen on hard times. Weird, since I featured her doing the same at Big Apple Comic Con right in the middle[...]