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Dark Souls 3 Review: Heart And Souls
It's only been five years since then, and we are already deep into the franchise with sister property Bloodborne to go alongside. With the first in the series considered the best game ever made by some, Dark Souls 3 has a hell of a reputation to live up to And you know what? It might just[...]
The Release Window For The First Dark Souls 3 DLC Has Been Set
Dark Souls 3 is currently the talk of the town in the video game community, with everyone slowly making their way through the bleak world. However, if you have already charged through the game and are gagging for more, there is some sunlight on the horizon as the next DLC has already been given a release window[...]
Dark Souls 3 Launch Trailer Shows You The Horror That Awaits
Dark Souls 3 is finally out today in the West today, after a three week delay between now and it's release in Japan I'm about 10 hours deep into myself right now, so expect a review in the near future. To get you all pumped though, here is a launch trailer for the game showing you[...]
Dark Souls 3 Launch Trailer Hits Ahead Of Japanese Launch
Dark Souls 3 is still three weeks out from a release in the west, which is excruciating for major fans of the series What's even worse is spoilers and the like will probably start slipping out too, as the Japanese release is due out tomorrow. To go with the launch in the East, this launch trailer[...]
This Dark Souls 3 Trailer Sees Your True Colors
Dark Souls 3 is probably not something you'd associate with Cyndi Lauper, but some one in the game's marketing department certainly did And it's pretty rad. This new trailer for the game uses a rather dark cover of the song True Colors, perfectly fitting with the downbeat world that you'll be exploring in the game It's[...]
Catch The Epic And Gothic Dark Souls III Opening Cinematic
Pretty much what would expect from Dark Souls atmosphere then. Give it a shot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjCxZtRrc2QVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Dark Souls 3 – PS4/X1/PC – To The Kingdom of Lothric (Opening Cinematic Trailer English) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjCxZtRrc2Q) It's almost strange how close we are getting to Dark Souls III[...]
Take A Look At Some Dark Souls 3 Thief Gameplay
Dark Souls 3 is quickly racing up to us, which is pretty crazy considering Bloodborne came out less than a year ago But yup, we're gearing up for pain again with another Hidetaka Miyazaki directed effort. To get you geared up, take a look at some of this new gameplay, centered around the Thief class This[...]
Darks Souls 3 Gets New Footage Ahead Of PlayStation Experience
Dark Souls 3 is on the horizon now, coming to us in March to brutalize us all again, less than a year after From Software's Bloodborne. The game will be making an appearance at this weekends PlayStation Experience, and to celebrate the developer has released this new trailer featuring four minutes of gameplay Awesome creature designs[...]
Dark Souls 3 Probably The Last In The Series
From Software are now gearing up for Dark Souls 3's release, coming just a year after Bloodborne, which took from the Souls series pretty liberally. According to game designer and president of From Software, Hidetaka Miyazaki, you probably shouldn't worry about the franchise getting run into the ground though In a recent interview with GameSpot, the designer said[...]
Take A Look At A Batch Of Dark Souls 3 Pictures
Dark Souls 3 is shockingly close to release considering how long we've known about it We only caught wind of it around E3 and it will be in our hands in just a few months (April to be exact) It doesn't seem it is going to be a botched job either Legendary creator Hidetaka Miyazaki[...]
Check Out Dark Souls Gameplay 3 Footage Right Here
Dark Souls 3, up to this point has remained elusive, leaving demos only to E3 and Gamescom behind closed doors. Finally, you guys can now get a glimpse of what it looks like in action though And this may shock you, but it looks like a Dark Souls game with better graphics This video comes from[...]
Dark Souls 3 Coming To The West In April
We learnt just the other day that Dark Souls 3 is going to be launching in Japan March 24th The feeling was that the West would get the game at the same time, having at least some kind of semblance of release parity. Not so it seems, as Souls fans in American and Europe are going[...]