Some Potential Dark Souls 3 Screenshots Surface Ahead Of E3 Announcements?

Right, so this is a web of uncertainty and believable sources, so bare with me.

The Know are claiming that Dark Souls 3 is real in their latest episode, which was rumoured for an E3 appearance earlier this week, and followed up the claims with screenshots that look pretty convincing. In the video they claim that the game will be coming in 2016 to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 with the PC being "negotiable".

Take a look at the some of the screenshots below:

1284259632887335312 Dark-Souls-3-Leak_06-05-15_005 Dark-Souls-3-Leak_06-05-15_006 Dark-Souls-3-Leak_06-05-15_008 Dark-Souls-3-Leak_06-05-15_013 Dark-Souls-3-Leak_06-05-15_019-600x338

These all look pretty convincing to me, but as Kotaku point out, there are some things worth considering.

This leak comes from the people who leaked the bogus rumour that Microsoft was buying Silent Hills for billions. On top of that, there are a few details some of which are odd. The video claims that it will be a 1 to 4 player game, you can create bonfires now and the world can be altered to change the bosses you face off against. I can buy all of that.

There are a few details here that appear odd though. It is said that the game will feature:

45 new enemies
15 new bosses
Around 12 new areas in the game
60 minutes of cutscenes, mostly in-engine

As Kotaku mention, these are oddly specific and aren't details we'd find in most leaks. The Know would have to know someone very intimate with the project to know these details. On top of that, the Souls games aren't exactly known for their cutscenes so 60 minutes seems like a lot. It could be a new feature, but who knows.

I'd also add, that the sheer number and diversity of the screenshots here seems like a lot. They are either getting these from deep inside the developer or… I'm not sure.

It does feel like something is off here, but with the rumour of the game's existence previously and the quality of these shots… I don't know, it's hard to pin this all down onto a hoax.

What do you guys think?

Again, thanks to Kotaku for bringing up these concerns and having considered them, I think they hold weight. I suppose E3 might shed some light on all this.

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