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Jim Mahfood Draws Sorcerers For New Publisher, Neotext
Byrne, Ashley Christine, Max Allan Collins, Howard Chaykin, Fay Dalton, Sonny Day, Ryan DeMita, Charles Forsman, Alan Glynn, Henry Jones, Mad Dog Jones, Neil Krug, Jardine Libaire, Jim Mahfood, Benjamin Marra, Biddy Maroney, Chloe Maveal, Christopher McBride, Julian Oliver Meiojas, Nick Mennuti, Adam Roberts, Mike Sager, François Schuiten, Dash Shaw, Ian Simpson, Ashley and April[...]
CLUE: Candlestick #1 - Classic Who-Dun-It!? With a Modern Twist!
Boddy. In true Clue fashion, a murder occurs and it is up to the house occupants to determine the culprit and their weapon.  Splitting into pairs to investigate each room, the comic pulls imagery directly from the game; succeeding in showing readers something new while simultaneously dripping in nostalgia. Dash Shaw (Cosplayers) brings an avant-garde twist on[...]
Glorious SPX—Dash Shaw and Frank Santoro Say Comics Are A Pop Culture Collage
Early in the day on Saturday, Dash Shaw and Frank Santoro (who were collaborators on the animated Sigur Ros video for "Seraph") sat down in conversation to talk about their new works, but the detailed insights they gave into the creative process on the works was a strange odyssey into art process Since many of[...]