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New Batman: Arkham Asylum and Mr. Punch Editions – Dave McKean SDCC Panel
Svensson writes for Bleeding Cool with the refreshing power of Gatorade. Dave McKean had a spotlight panel at Comic Con, where he showed off many old projects and one new one. McKean introduced his manager/partner Allan Spiegel as his therapist, calling these yearly panels his series of therapy sessions, where he could "talk over some of his[...]
Nine Lives Lived In Full With Dave McKean At The British Library
This weekend, I went to the British Library in London to see Dave McKean sing and play the piano. To most he is an artist, whose work is often associated with the comics industry His most prominent and widely seen pieces right now are the covers to Sandman Overture Others will remember the graphic novel he[...]
Sandman Overture Covers To Get Metallic Inked
Ahead of the Final Order Cut-Off date of February 3rd for Sandman Overture #2, DC Comics are encouraging retailers to up their orders with the promise of metallic ink! The 1:100 variant cover by JH Williams III will have a special metallic bronze ink on the cover. While the 1:200 variant cover by Dave McKean with a[...]
Home Bound, Sweet Home Bound
Robert Schwager writes: I’m sitting here with one of the creators of a new webcomic “Home Bound” and by ‘here with’ I actually mean nothing of the sort,
Tuesday Runaround – The Songs Of Dave McKean
A SONG AND DANCE WITH MCKEAN The annual London comic art festival Comica begins today with a preview of Nine Lives, Dave McKean's new project, include music played and songs sung by McKean It's all at Foyles Bookshop from 6.30pm tonight. CASE CLOSED A new way for storing and sending comic books through the mail, goes on Kickstarter. THE[...]
Neil Gaiman's Lost Comics, For Free, And For Charity
Knockabout Comics and graphic novel app SEQUENTIAL are publishing a digital collection of Neil Gaiman's 'lost' comic strips from the 1980s for free – and it's in aid of charity. Neil Gaiman's Lost Tales will feature collaborations with Bryan Talbot, Dave McKean and more with a rare interview conducted in the eighties, Gaiman's original typed notes for Sandman, sample[...]
Sandman Overture To Be Fully Returnable To Comic Stores
So there;s all those Hallowe'en sales as well. And yes, there's a  1:100 B&W variant cover by Williams and a 1:200 B&W variant cover by Dave McKean And a digital combo pack (possibly replacing Action Comics which seems to have lost its combo pack…) No excuses on this one, I think[...]
The Cover To Sandman: Overture #1
This is your first look at the cover of Sandman Overture, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, by Dave McKean. And your second look at a page from the series by Neil Gaiman and JH Williams. This is your first look at the cover of Sandman Overture, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, by Dave McKean. And your second[...]