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David Hine, Brian Haberlin Create Jules Verne’s Lighthouse From Image
Creative team behind The Marked and Sonata, David Hine and Brian Haberlin, are back again this April with artist Geirrod Van Dyke and an all-new comic book from Image Comics/Shadowline, Jules Verne's Lighthouse. Set on the high seas of space, and based upon the work of master storyteller Jules Verne, this five-issue science fiction miniseries will[...]
50 New Paintings by Mark Stafford as Cartoon Museum Bonuses
Onwards!'" The Bad Bad Place original paintings by Mark Stafford. Writer David Hine said, "In November of last year, the recently reopened Cartoon Museum hosted our launch of The Bad Bad Place Then the Bastard Virus arrived and now the museum is fighting for survival Mark has done wonders with his sell-out limited edition sketches from The[...]
The Daily LITG, 20th March 2020, Happy Birthday David Hine
Kong": The Heart of the Story is About Two Young Girls Eric Stephenson, Publisher of Image Comics, Challenges Marvel and DC Over Coronavirus Long Read: An "Extinction Event" for the Comic Shop or "Too Stupid to Quit, Too Dumb to Die"? Ubisoft Releases The "Just Dance 2020" Song List One year ago… Confirmed: Jonathan Hickman's New Marvel Comic Begins in[...]
Amongst 500 Pages of the New Previews, Spider-Man Noir Creator's Bad Bad Place is Hiding...
Soaring Penguin are the publishers of David Hine and Mark Stafford's The Bad, Bad Place.  It is an amazing comedic, horrific creation, with roots in The Addams Family and The BoJeffries Saga, but from an outsiders point of view, more like the approach of Twin Peaks, but in a run-down part of Britain, somewhere in[...]
Brian Haberlin co-writer on Sonata and co-writer/artist on The Marked comic book series from Image Comics, posted the following news: Television deals set for Sonata and The Marked… both with amazing places! I wish I could say more and with whom but can't just yet. Don't worry, Brian, that's more than enough. Sonata, by Brian Haberlin, David Hine[...]
Rich Johnston At The London Film And Comic Con Tomorrow, Table 38
Anything you can do to entertain them will also be welcomed. The London Film And Comic-Con will be at the Olympia exhibition hall near Earl's Court and Brompton Park. Joining me at the show are Marv Wolfman, Tommy Yune, Andy Diggle, Geoff Senior, Rantz Hoseley, Simon Furman, Jessica Martin, Ben Templesmith, Will Simpson, Amrit Birdi, Paul Cornell,[...]
Talking Second Sight, Dark Tones, DC And Marvel With Creator David Hine
Was art your main interest back then, or had you wanted to write stories too? David Hine: I always wanted to write stories I was eight years old when I wrote my first novel and was banging them out for a while: a science fiction story, a western, an historic thriller, a mystery I liked to[...]
Preview: David Hine And Albert Ponticelli's Second Sight Debuts Next Week…
A couple of looks at two Aftershock Comics titles out next week… The debut of Second Sight #1 by David Hine and Albert Ponticelli Ray Pilgrim knows how to get inside a killer's head Getting in is the easy part… 20 years ago, Ray Pilgrim became a celebrity when he discovered his unique ability to see through the[...]
With 2 Hours To Go, Broken Frontier Kickstarter Goes To The Wire…. (UPDATE)
Can a last minute Bleeding Cool bump put it over the edge?  A 250-page hardcover colour anthology of comics with 45 contributors including David Hine, Mark Stafford, Greg Pak, Karrie Fransman, Alison Sampson, Cullen Bunn, Phil Hester, INJ Culbard, Josh Fialkov, Fred Van Lente, Nathan Fox, Tom Raney and more. Can they make it? UPDATE: Well, that seemed to do[...]
In Stores This Week From Avatar Press: Crossed: Badlands #74 And God Is Dead #31
Avatar Press has two new books hitting comic shelves this week with Crossed: Badlands #74 concluding the David Hine storyline about a Japanese cosplay convention during the C-Day outbreak and God is Dead #31 with a new chapter in the book of the divine being opened Both have some very cool covers to choose from. Crossed:[...]
A Look Inside Witchblade #181 By David Hine And Gabriel Rearte
In stores next week from Top Cow is Witchblade #181 by David Hine, Gabriel Rearte and Betsy Gonia It's the second part of the Darkness Falls storyline. Also in stores is Witchblade: Borne Again Volume 1 which collects issues 170-174 by Ron Marz and Laura Braga So this is a good time for you to get[...]
The Death Of Jackie Estacado – Preview For Witchblade #180
In stores this week from Top Cow is Witchblade #180 by writer David Hine and artist Gabriel Rearte… in a story called The Death Of Jackie Estacado. WITCHBLADE #180 STORY: David Hine ART: Gabriel Rearte COVERS: Dale Keown and Stjepan Sejic DARKNESS FALLS IN WITCHBLADE!  In another life Jackie Estacado was Sara Pezzini's lover and the father of her[...]
New Crossed: Badlands And God Is Dead This Week From Avatar Press
We have two new books hitting the comic shelves from Avatar Press, Crossed: Badlands #71 witht the return of writer David Hine and and God Is Dead #28. Crossed: Badlands #71 David Hine returns with a tale that rips open a fresh bloody wound in the Crossed universe as he takes us back to Japan When a group[...]