Don't Miss Out On The Art Of Mouse Guard: 2005-2015, Out This Week

Coming up on its 10 year anniversary, The Art of Mouse Guard: 2005-2015 from Archaia, is a celebration of the beautiful world, memorable characters, and intensive artistic process of David Petersen's cherished series. This prestige, coffee table hardcover features never-before-seen sketches, 100 oversized pages of full-color artwork, and commentary from Stan Sakai, Karl Kerschl, Katie Cook, and others, as well as pin-ups by Mike Mignola, Geof Darrow, and other collaborators and colleagues.

This is something I've really been looking forward to because I'm such a fan of the series. Most of you know that I'm a recent fan, so something like this is extra special for me because it provides a deeper look into the world of Mouse Guard. I will say, this giant book is a collector's dream. Honestly whether you're a fan of the series or not, it's so beautiful to look at all of the detailed artwork throughout. Personally, I like being able to look at the rougher sketches that show the true beginnings of it all. Random side note: Does anyone else wish they could hug some of these mice? Anyway, I'm going to urge you to grab yourself a copy of this book and display it proudly on your coffee table. Preview the beauty below. The Art of Mouse Guard: 2005-2015 releases this week.

Mouse_Guard_2015_Art_Book_cover Mouse_Guard_2015_Art_Book_PRESS-9 Mouse_Guard_2015_Art_Book_PRESS-24 Mouse_Guard_2015_Art_Book_PRESS-26 Mouse_Guard_2015_Art_Book_PRESS-30 Mouse_Guard_2015_Art_Book_PRESS-76 Mouse_Guard_2015_Art_Book_PRESS-102 Mouse_Guard_2015_Art_Book_PRESS-124 Mouse_Guard_2015_Art_Book_PRESS-131 Mouse_Guard_2015_Art_Book_PRESS-320 Mouse_Guard_2015_Art_Book_PRESS-321 Mouse_Guard_2015_Art_Book_PRESS-347

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