Mouse Guard Meets Gotham: David Petersen Talks Gotham Academy #17

Tomorrow brings the release of Gotham Academy #17, which is also the final chapter of their "Yearbook" ARC. Maps and Olive are put to the test as they try to assemble the perfect yearbook. Much like David Petersen's Mouse Guard Legends of the Guard, this issue will bring together a few different creators to tell their own tales. Faith Erin Hicks, Michael Dialynas, and you guessed it…David Petersen are all included in the mix!

Today, Petersen shared some of his thoughts on being part of this Gotham Academy issue on his blog:

"In issue 17 of Gotham Academy, I have a 3 page short story. Rebecca 'Tay' Taylor, a former Mouse Guard editor =, now is in the Bat office at DC and knowing I was a fan of Gotham Academy, asked if I'd like to contribute a short story to the Yearbook arc (where students at GA are telling tales of past & present exploits at the school…those stories are drawn by guests, like I do with Legends of the Guard)."

While Petersen said he was originally hesitant, he ultimately decided to be part of the action because of how much he loved Gotham Academy in the first place. But where did he draw inspiration from? His childhood, and his group of childhood friends to be exact.

"I based the quartet on myself and three close friends from my younger days. These are the guys I first started making up stories with, making home movies with, and roleplaying with. Nicholas Kowalcyk became 'Wally Adams', David Petersen became 'Peter Erikson', Jesse Glenn became 'Glen Thomas', and Mike Davis became 'Davey Kurtz'. These four would be playing GA's answer to D&D 'Serpents & Spells' at the school in 1984."

Being a fan of both Gotham Academy and Mouse Guard I look forward to seeing Petersen's touch on the Gotham world. Be sure to grab Gotham Academy #17 tomorrow! Read more of David's blog post here.

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