The Wise, The Wanderer, The Listener…A Review Of Free Comic Book Day's Mouse Guard Tale

While there are many titles to enjoy in BOOM! Studios 2016 Summer Blast, six to be exact, there was one in particular that I couldn't wait to read. Free Comic Book Day usually includes something Mouse Guard relatedand this year you'll find a new tale in the Summer Blast. The story is entitled, "The Tale of Piper the Listener," and it is of course written and illustrated by Mouse Guard creator David Petersen. Known for his beautifully detailed artwork and classic fairytale feel, I couldn't wait to see what the story entailed.


In the beginning we meet the narrator, a young mouse named Celanawe, who is outside journaling, reflecting on his family. He then begins the tale of Piper, who had also been referred to as the Wise, the Wanderer, and the Listener. Piper's journey centered around learning the secret languages of bird and beast, and that's exactly what Petersen takes us through. We get to see this brave little mouse venturing through different parts of the outdoors meeting all kinds of animals. From otters to snakes, we see it all, and it is truly beautiful. Petersen writes an engaging story, one that will not only fill you with admiration for Piper, but will also make you feel for Celanawe.

I won't say much more about the story, because even though it's only a short nine pages, there's a decent amount of content there to hook you. David Petersen has been very active on social media urging people to support their local comic book stores today. He also made a papercraft available for Piper's character…

I've always loved how great Mouse Guard is for both kids and adults. It's an emotionally mature enough story that adults can enjoy, but the characters are so adorable and interesting, that it's perfect for kids too. Be sure to support your local comic book store, and creators like David Petersen today. Pick up BOOM! Studios Summer Blast 2016 before they're all gone!

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