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Deadwood Movie End Leaves You Wondering Says Ian McShane

'Deadwood' Movie End "Leaves You Wondering" Says Ian McShane

Almost 10 years following the cancellation of HBO's western drama Deadwood, we're FINALLY getting the continuation, but in film-form. The Shakespeare-with-swearing series from creator David Milch is getting a feature-length movie release from HBO, which will reportedly pick up in the South Dakota mining town post-statehood. During the HBO TCA (Television Critics Association) Winter Press Tour […]

HBOs Deadwood Movie Coming THIS SPRING

HBO's 'Deadwood' Movie Coming THIS SPRING

HBO boss Casey Bloys has announced when the cabler will release the much anticipated Deadwood film, set 10 years after the third season. While it wasn't a date-date, we do know the film will hit the network sometime THIS SPRING, so break out the peaches and the goddamn cinnamon. Almost all the original cast (minus those […]

Deadwood: A Postscript Dispatch from the Thoroughfare

'Deadwood': A Postscript Dispatch from the Thoroughfare

Earl Brown and Deadwood, which should surprise no one.Brown played Dan Dority on the HBO series across its three seasons, and is returning to the role of right-hand man to Al Swearengen (Ian McShane), proprietor of the Gem Saloon for the upcoming long-promised Deadwood movie He's also been one of our best sources of updates[...]

Deadwood At 16: Producer Talks the Movie HBOs Support

'Deadwood' At 16: Producer Talks the Movie, HBO's Support

Hard to believe a series that began 16 years ago and only ran for three seasons is getting a feature film, but thats exactly whats happening with HBO's Deadwood. Yesterday, we were treated to the first two officially released images from the production, featuring series starts Ian McShane as Al Swearengen and Timothy Olyphant as US Marshall Seth […]

Aint They A Pair: Images of Bullock Swearengen from Deadwood Movie

Ain't They A Pair: Images of Bullock, Swearengen from 'Deadwood' Movie

Perhaps the best thing to come from the newly found "let's remake, revival EVERYTHING" craze sweeping Hollywood and the TVverse is HBO making good on their promise to make a Deadwood movie.We know production has been moving right along on the feature which sees the return of pretty much ALL of the cast from season 3[...]

Deadwood: W. Earl Brown Shares Dispatches from the Thoroughfare V

'Deadwood': W. Earl Brown Shares "Dispatches from the Thoroughfare V"

W. Earl Brown has been our best source of first-hand news about the upcoming Deadwood feature film, which we're grateful for. Not only is Brown a delightful person to follow on the social medias, he obviously loves his character Dan Dority from HBO's Deadwood just as much as we do. Also YES, Brown is in the movie. […]

Deadwood Movie Production Officially Begins TODAY

'Deadwood' Movie Production Officially Begins TODAY

WHISKEY ALL AROUND- production officially begins TODAY for HBO's long-awaited Deadwood feature film. The production announcement came from HBO President of Programming Casey Bloys, which also included a list of the returning cast members. [Cue excitement] Ian McShane will be back as Al Swearengen, Timothy Olyphant as Seth Bullock, Molly Parker as Alma Ellsworth, Paula Malcomson as Trixie, John Hawkes as Sol […]

Deadwood Movie Officially Gets HBO Greenlight

'Deadwood' Movie Officially Gets HBO Greenlight

IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME for HBO to officially greenlight the Deadwood movie.Details are scarce, but Variety sounded the dinner bell at the Gem Saloon this morning with the news straight from the TCA (Television Critics Association) summer press tour.[caption id="attachment_744005" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Deadwood (TV)[/caption]HBO Programming President Casey Bloys announced the news during the summer TCA press tour: “All[...]

Deadwood Movie Production Start May Happen Next Year

Deadwood Movie Production Start May Happen Next Year

It’s 10 years [later], so it’s going to be really interesting.” Casey Bloys (HBO’s top programming executives) said at this summer's Television Critics Association press conference that the Deadwood movie project 'was picking up steam.': “The one thing that I was concerned about was I wanted a script that would stand on its own [for Deadwood fans[...]