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Behind the Scenes of Cursed | Netflix
To dial up the anticipation with already-excited viewers, the streaming service is taking us behind the scenes with Langford, Daniel Sharman (The Weeping Monk), Gustaf Skarsgard (Merlin), Devon Terrell (Arthur), and more to show how the world of the printed page was brought to life: A look behind the scenes of Cursed (Image: Netflix) can't be[...]
Here's a look at the next set of preview images from Cursed (Image: Netflix).
Following that, we get a better look at mercenary and unexpected ally Arthur (Devon Terrell), who will aid Nimue on her quest to find Merlin (Gustaf Skarsgård) Finally, we get some straight-forward and blunt advice to keep in mind when calling upon the Hidden:     View this post on Instagram   Be careful when you call upon the Hidden… A[...]