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Your LCS Is Worried About The Big DC Comics/Diamond News
Yes, starting in a couple of weeks, your local comic shop will no longer be supplied with Punchline variants by Diamond Comic Distributors While many on social media who don't own stores (and some that do, to be fair) are rejoicing at the news, most comic shop owners are not Ninety percent of you reading[...]
Diamond Comic Distributors has been saying that it was planning for a May 20th onsale date for comic book stores that are able to reopen in the current climate The company, which has been closed to new comics since the beginning of April, has now confirmed the May 20th date The following letter was sent[...]
Bleeding Cool has repeatedly reported that Diamond Comic Distributors has shut its doors to new product during the current global situation However that only applies to new product, and Diamond's warehouses are still open to retailers Diamond recognises that circumstances for many stores have now changed and while UPS will not ship to non-essential business[...]
Penguin Books Random House in Westminster, London.
Bleeding Cool has heard from multiple senior comic book industry sources that long before the current impact on the comic book industry from the coronavirus pandemic, book publisher/distributor Penguin Random House was looking into buying Diamond Comic Distributors.  Given recent events and their impact on businesses around the globe, Bleeding Cool has subsequently heard that[...]
Direct Market distributor Diamond Comic Distributors is conducting a coronavirus impact survey, on comic book retailers still reading their e-mails In case it missed your retailer, here's what Diamond are saying – and asking of comic book stores this weekend. We continue working with our publishing partners on programs to support the retailers in this difficult[...]
Expect Major Comic Book Related Delays This Week Due To Blizzard (UPDATE)
Diamond Comic Distributors closed their home office early on Friday, as the blizzard hit the East Coast The only major comic book distributor remains closed today, dealing with the effects of the snowstorm and current thaw flood. We're not sure what of this week's comics have made it out, But one way of another – be[...]
Eric Beck And Nance Rohmer Head Up A Round Of Promotions At Diamond Comic Distributors
Some Christmas cheers for certain Diamond Comic Distributors employees. Eric Beck has been promoted from Director into the newly created position of Director of Retailer Point of Sale (POS) & Tech Services. Assistant Director Nance Romer is promoted to Director of Retailer Services.     Seven Gaines has been promoted to Assistant Manager of Retailer Services. Kevin Pratt has been promoted[...]