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Ghost Rider, The Original One, Shoots A Dragon At Heritage Auctions
He was created by Ray Krank and Dick Ayers, who followed the character to Marvel Comics in 1967 After the success of the Rider, we all know with the flaming skull, he went by other aliases like Night Rider and Phantom Rider as well One of the most iconic covers for the character's old days[...]
Ghost Rider #9 (Magazine Enterprises, 1952)
If you're unaware that there was a comic book Ghost Rider character before Marvel's versions, the typical explanation goes something like this: This comic book version was created by artist Dick Ayers and writer Ray Krank under the direction of Magazine Enterprises editor Vincent Sullivan "Vin would come in and sit down and describe what[...]
Frank Bolle's Black Phantom in Black Phantom #1 (Magazine Enterprises, 1954).
Originally a one-off villain in Tim Holt #25, the character returned to rehabilitate herself in Tim Holt #38, became a deputy sheriff in Black Phantom #1, and ultimately became Tim Holt/Red Mask's partner in Tim Holt #40.  When the Tim Holt title was renamed Red Mask, Black Phantom continued to its conclusion in late 1957,[...]
Manhunt #14 (Magazine Enterprises, 1953)
Likewise, the Dick Ayers cover of Magazine Enterprises' Manhunt #14, published in 1953 just as anti-comics sentiment was approaching fever pitch, contained elements certain to push the critics' buttons: bondage and hypodermic needle use There's a copy of this fascinating example of 1950s comic book history in Manhunt #14 (Magazine Enterprises, 1953) Condition: PR up for[...]
Dick Ayers Dies, Just After His Ninetieth Birthday
I know no other details at present. Regretfully, Roy His first comics work publisher in World War II newspapers in 1942, Dick Ayers began work for Dell after the war He studied under Burne Hogarth and worked for Joe Shuster's studio, before drawing horror comics for Marvel-predecessor Atlas Comics and Charlton. However  he is best known for being Jack Kirby's[...]