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Christian Bale Eying Return To Batman-Like Role In Dick Cheney Biopic
Batman is a superhero published by DC Comics, and Dick Cheney was a Vice President in Washington DC, but the two have far more in common than that when diggiging below the surface. While Cheney was a proponent of sweeping government authority to perform surveillance even on its own citizens, Batman tapped into the cellphones of[...]
The Other Dead Sells Out Of 10,500 First Print Run
It seems zombies, nay animal zombies, nay animal zombies killing and eating Dick Cheney while President Obama packs heat was rather popular. IDW's The Other Dead sold out from distribution centres yesterday, of its entire print run of 10,500 copies, with back order mounting up Expect a second print run to satisfy that soon. 6700 were printed[...]
Lying In The Gutters – From Dan Slott To Dick Cheney
Nothing too serious, but she'll be out of it, so thoughts and prayers, folks, thoughts and prayers… Top Twenty Traffic Stories Of The Week Dan Slott Teases Big Things In Superior Spider-Man #20 Frank Cho On The New Lobo Saoirse Ronan Has Gone In To Read For The Lead Role In Star Wars Episode VII Joss Whedon Was Called[...]
The Death Of Dick Cheney
But focusing on the people, a young cancer sufferer and his mother, a pair of strippers, a rock band with some seriously strange ideas, hunters, all in Louisiana, living around each other. Oh yes, and Dick Cheney going hunting deer with his friends.   One of which he bags. The deer, that is, not his friends[...]