My Gaslands Journey Continued

My "Gaslands" Journey, Continued

Greetings, weary travelers! As you know we have been going through the Gaslands: Refuelled game quite a bit every Saturday and it seems that now is the time where things get a little bit… Batty. Now, I'm not talking about the massive issues with delirium caused by dehydration or insanity caused by the sudden and […]

Gaslands &#8211 War Rig vs Highway Patrol Battle Report

"Gaslands" – War Rig vs Highway Patrol Battle Report

Gaslands: Refuelled is an interesting game. Recently it became known that Osprey Games had run out of their initial stock of the game's rules manual, and it's getting increasingly harder to get ahold of a physical copy from online retailers for that reason. This serves as a testament to how awesome this game truly is. […]

Hobby: Journey Of A Gaslands Newcomer Part 4

Hobby: Journey Of A "Gaslands" Newcomer, Part 4

The car itself is a Volkswagen Deluxe Station Wagon, originally painted over the die-cast metal frame with a motif out of Disney's Alice in Wonderland from 1957 I painted over certain parts of this van, and, as with the Queen of Hearts from my last article, I kept some parts intact I did also manage to[...]