My "Gaslands" Journey, Continued

Greetings, weary travelers! As you know we have been going through the Gaslands: Refuelled game quite a bit every Saturday and it seems that now is the time where things get a little bit… Batty.

"Gaslands" - War Rig vs Highway Patrol Battle Report
Only a fool would be naive enough to go into the Gaslands unprepared. Source: Osprey Games

Now, I'm not talking about the massive issues with delirium caused by dehydration or insanity caused by the sudden and irrevokable realization that you are living in a nightmarish post-apocalyptic world where you need to race cars to have a sliver of a chance at survival. No, no. I'm literally talking about bats.

My "Gaslands" Journey, Continued
Source: DC Comics

When I say this, I'm pretty much speaking about the Batman. You know, the eccentric billionaire who dresses up as a bat to go and thwart crime using his amazing detective skills and a utility belt of gadgets? Yeah, you know him.

Anyway, I created a team of cars for Gaslands which is comprised solely of Batmobiles taken from a recent Hot Wheels line based around DC Comics films. For example, this one:

My "Gaslands" Journey, Continued
Source: HotWheels

This car, depicting the original Batmobile from the 1989 Tim Burton Batman film, leads my squad of cars, which run under the Highway Patrol in-game sponsor. These games are geared towards games of 50 cans, mind you, and hee is what the stats look like (remember that weapons are given one asterisk to denote that they're weapons, while perks are given two):

Burtonmobile (Performance Car) – 15 cans
Hull 8 / Handling 4 / Mx Gear 6 / Crew 1 / Build 2
Slip Away (comes standard)
* Magnum (crew-fired) – 3 cans
** Louder Siren – 2 cans
20 cans total

Of course, one Batmobile may not be enough to survive the post-apocalyptic world that is the Gaslands. So, I got ahold of not one, but two of the Batmobile car from the Justice League movie (insert groans here if you must), from the same line of Hot Wheels. They look fairly good, except somehow one of my cars of this type is from Thailand and is of the same quality as the Batmobile above, while the other is from Malaysia and suffers some when talking about detail. Nevertheless, if you need a refresher on what the Batmobile from Justice League looks like, here you go:

My "Gaslands" Journey, Continued
Source: Hot Wheels

And here are the stats for the Batmobiles represented by this kind of car. Note that the only difference between the two is the choice of weaponry. Also, note that plus signs denote that the weapon or upgrade has cost build points (the total number of which are indicated in the stats).

Batbug Begins (Car) – 12 cans
Hull 10 / Handling 3 / Mx Gear 5 / Crew 2 / Build 2
++ Bazooka (front) – 4 cans
16 cans total

Batbug Returns (Car) – 12 cans
Hull 10 / Handling 3 / Mx Gear 5 / Crew 2 / Build 2
* Steel Net (crew) – 2 cans
14 cans total

Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na)

In conclusion, I still need to race with these bad Batboys and will aim to do so sometime very soon. Meanwhile, I decided not to alter the cars because they look armed and armored enough as it is. Plus, they look sleek as heck on the table, so I see no reason to mess that up with glue or paint.

What do you think? Do these cars have a chance in Gaslands: Refuelled? Are they too light on weaponry? Let me know!

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