dinosaurs vs aliens

Metal Men Film In The Works From Men In Black's Barry Sonnenfeld

As well as his movie Dinosaurs vs. Aliens, Barry Sonnenfeld has teased that he's working on an unexpected comic book-to-film adaptation.  Well, start expecting, as Vulture have outed the comic in question. They say that Sonnenfeld's hitherto mysterious film is to provide the first big-screen starring roles for The Metal Men. I'm not an expert […]

Sneak Peek: Grant Morrison – Dinosaurs Vs Aliens For Free Comic Book Day

Dynamite's Free Comic Book Day offering this year is Dinosaurs Vs Aliens, a preview of the upcoming graphic novel by Barry Sonnenfeld, Grant Morison and Mukesh Singh Not only do we see art and sketches, but we also get script and background behind the series creation Which tells so much more about what we'll be[...]