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Disney Releases New Americana Collection for Your Summer Cookouts

Let's be real: Disney is synonymous with American pop culture. For decades, Walt's creations have delighted and inspired children all across the world, but they are rooted in Americana. Just in time for summer cookouts (another American tradition), Disney has released a line that celebrates the red, white and blue, just in time for Flag […]

pixar fest 2018 merchandise

Shirts, Pins, and More Merchandise Available at Disneyland's Pixar Fest

Despite what some fans and Disneyland-goers are saying, Pixar Fest is going on until September 3rd. The festival has gotten some mixed reviews, but I have high hopes for it! That being said, Disneyland has been making me yearn for a trip back with pics of their Pixar Fest merchandise. Adventure may be out there […]


New YesterEars Shirts From Disney, To Remember Attractions That Are No More

Disney Store's YesterEars collection is bringing more attractions back from the dead. This time, we have: America Sings (June 29, 1974–April 10, 1988) Rocket Rods (May 22, 1998–September 2, 2000) Videopolis Nightclub (June 22, 1985–1989) All of these were in Disneyland, Disney's first park. I never got to experience any of them, but YouTube video's […]

Lularoe To Release Disney Leggings; Here's Hoping They Don't Rip

I'm a huge fan of leggings and yoga pants. I worked in a gym for 10 years, and now that I work largely from home, I still wear them. They're comfortable, durable, and oh man, let me tell you about that sweet range of motion I get in them. Heck yeah, being able to squat […]