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The Last (?) Dan Con Was Magical
I thought for a moment, then drew a picture of Doctor Whooves and Twilight Sparkle poking their heads out of the TARDIS and saying, "See you next year." "We've been to the future We know you're going to do this again." He thought the piece was cute, but said it was wrong, there wouldn't be[...]
Selling My Little Pony (Ish) At A Small Press DanCon
The big goose egg. What carried it? My Little Pony stuff. When I did KokomoCon last year, nothing at my table got as much interest as the Doctor Whooves fan comics I brought with Afterwards, I was thinking to myself, if only there was a way to monetize the books, I'd do okay But they are fan[...]
My Little Pony #2 Gets A Doctor Whooves Cover From Midtown Comics
Something Weeping Angelish. And a pony that, basically, looks a bit like David Tennant. What will you do to get this Doctor Whooves cover? Quick links Wiki Activity Random page Videos New Photos Chat Articles Community Contribute Share Time Turner Edit Comments154 590pages on this wiki Time Turner From the episode Call of the Cutie Kind Earth[...]
Peter G Takes Doctor Whooves To Dan Con
However, I remembered a Doctor Whooves fancomic I had drawn just for the hell of it (please note: I watch MLP-FiM because it's cartoony and funny I'm not a brony and I have no interest in participating in the fandom I see too many of the same behaviors that chased me away from the anime[...]