Alex Ross Does Rob Liefeld - And What He Said About Him Befre....

Alex Ross Homages Rob Liefeld – And What He Said About Him Before….

This is the cover to the upcoming Marvel series by Alex Ross, depicting the Rob Liefeld era of X-Force, including Cable, Domino, Deadpool, Shatterstar and more Rob Liefeld was very happy to share it on Facebook.Some people have seen it as somewhat mocking, however, including the Liefeld-style teeth grimace, the same on every face, the[...]

What Is Krakoa Doing To Domino? (X-Force #9 Spoilers)

What Is Krakoa Doing To Domino? (X-Force #9 Spoilers)

In the previous issue of X-Force #8, Domino talked about not choosing to end her life and be resurrected by Krakoa, removing the scars she had experienced, both mentally and physically, at the hands of the mutant-hating organization Xeno.This month in X-Force #9, it's all change Domino has gone through the resurrection and is suddenly very[...]

X-Force Film Series? Director Jeff Wadlow Asks Kevin Feige For It

X-Force is one of those concepts that seems ripe for a series of films. At one point, in a world before Deadpool was released, that was seemingly the plan. In a conversation with Comic Book Movie, director Jeff Wadlow details what he had planned for a trilogy of X-Force films, spanning themes and concepts from […]

REVIEW: X-Force #7 -- "Some Mutants ... Paid A High Cost To Create This New Day"

REVIEW: X-Force #7 — "Some Mutants … Paid A High Cost To Create This New Day"

Domino was literally skinned to create access for human assassins and while she has received the healing gifts of her colleagues, the mental scars are harder to fix When a miraculous set of assassinations take pro-mutant human scholars and activists off the board, Domino enlists the help of mutant mentat Sage to track down her[...]

Domino Hotshots #5: The Final Showdown [Preview]

Domino Hotshots #5: The Final Showdown [Preview]

It's been a good run across the Domino series and the Domino: Hotshots follow-up, but barring a surprise announcement at San Diego Comic-Con, it looks like this is goodbye for now for Domino, as Domino Hotshots #5 hits stores next week And in this preview, we find the titular Hotshots getting ready for a final[...]

X-ual Healing

Matthew Rosenberg Explains It All in Uncanny X-Men #19 [X-ual Healing 6-5-19]

Still, a few more issues left, and with all that x-position taken care of, it should be all climax and resolution, baby! Or maybe Matthew Rosenberg will just kill everyone off.Domino: Hotshots #4 (W) Gail Simone (A) David Baldeon, Michael Shelfer, Craig Yeung (CA) R B Silva The immense power of the Creation Constellation is in reach![...]

Outlaw Gets a New Power in Next Week's Domino: Hotshots #2

Outlaw Gets a New Power in This Week's Domino: Hotshots #2

Domino: Hotshots is the continuation of Gail Simone and David Baldeon's Domino series, except in the form of a mini-series, and with a couple of extra female asskickers added for good measure And the new mini-series kicked off with a bang in its first issue when the team battled a scientist apparently infected with some[...]

Kotobukiya Bishoujo Domino Statue Now up for Order

The new Domino Bishoujo statue is in the 1/7th scale and features the mutant posed onto of a domino with a little mini-Deadpool at her feet This is based off her look from the Domino comic from last year by Gail Simone and David Baldeon It will run you around $90 and will ship in[...]

Domino Fangirls Out Over the Black Widow in Next Week's Hotshots #1

Domino's solo series by Gail Simone and David Baldeon ended way too soon Way too soon! Seriously, that book could have gone another thousand issues and we'd never get tired of it! Thankfully, Domino is back next week, even if it is just for the first issue of a five-issue mini-series.In a preview of next[...]

New York Toy Fair: Visiting the Kotobukiya, Storm Collectibles, and Dark Horse Booths

On the Marvel side, Dark Phoenix and Domino are being made, and in the weirdest ones yet: My Little Pony bishoujo statues.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="988872,988873,988870,988871,988868,988869,988866,988865,988860,988862,988863,988861,988857,988858,988867,988874,988859"]Over at the Dark Horse booth, they had some new Game of Thrones items on display, including a replica iron throne, and an iron throne business card holder[...]

Will a Non-Core X-Book Ever Survive the Experience? [X-ual Healing 1-9-19]

Can we expect the same here?Domino #10 (W) Gail Simone (A) David Baldeon, Alberto Alburquerque, Anthony Piper, Michael Shelfer (CA) Lim, Gang Hyuk GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! • You saw her on the silver screen, now Domino's live and direct from the Mojoverse! • Can you guess which special guest is along for the ride? • The answer's a real[...]

Finding Religion in Next Week's Domino Finale

For a comic book series publishing its final issue next week, perhaps it's the same concept? In any case, in next week's Domino #10, the titular Domino asks for help from the man upstairs before diving off an in-construction skyscraper to save Longshot (who she kind of knocked off at the end of Domino #9).Will[...]

X-Mas Comes Early as Cyclops Returns! [X-ual Healing 12-19-18]

1 and 2 have thus far been the best Iceman stories since at least the 80s, and it's sad that this volume is wrapping up next issue (though with an additional one-shot coming as part of Age of X-Man).Domino #9 (W) Gail Simone (A) David Baldeon, Michael Shelfer, Roberto Poggi (CA) Lim, Gang Hyuk STAY LOW AND[...]

Is Rocking a Mullet a Reason to Kill a Man? Next Week's Domino #9

Domino's business dealings with Wakandan general Shoon'kwa haven't gone very smoothly Domino and her team previously found themselves kidnapping Morbius the Living Vampire and then forced to take on an aquatic vampire cult On the other hand, Shoon'kwa pays well.But the next job she has for Domino, Outlaw, and Diamondback may be a step too[...]

Simone and Baldeon's Domino Relaunched as Domino: Hotshots Mini-Series in March

And it's a good thing we did it then, because if we had waited, we wouldn't have only been able to get one article out of it instead of two, because Marvel has just answered Simone's question and revealed who the Hotshots are.They're the regular cast of Domino, the titular Domino, Outlaw, and Diamondback, plus[...]

Goodbye, Stan Lee [X-ual Healing 11-14-18]

Personally, we can't wait to see what happens next.And of course, this book is winner of the most coveted weekly grilled-meat-themed award in all of comics, the Wolverine's Weiner X-Pick of the Week, awarded to X-cellent X-Men comics which provide the reader with the filling satisfaction that only a hot grilled weiner on a razor-sharp[...]

Morbius vs. Outlaw the Vampire Slayer in Next Week's Domino #8

BOOM! Studios is busy debuting new slayers throughout history in its reimagined Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic, but over at Marvel, we're getting a new slayer for right now, next week, in Domino #8 And -- spoiler alert -- it's Outlaw!Not pleased with finding Morbius the Living Vampire locked inside a box they were sent[...]

Stealth Crossover? Domino and Mr. and Mrs. X Both Visit the Mojoverse in January

X #7 KELLY THOMPSON (W) • Oscar Bazaldua (A) Cover by TERRY & RACHEL DODSON • Stuck in the Mojoverse! • Rogue and Gambit are forced to relive moments of their past…but this time for the cameras! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99 And in Domino #10, Domino also heads to the Mojoverse, and it looks like she's teaming up with Longshot as[...]