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Fantagraphics To Publish The 1963 Annual By Don Simpson in 2023, Ish
A year ago, Bleeding Cool reported that Don Simpson, in a rather incendiary fashion, was planning to create and complete the 1963 Annual, the Image Comics title that was meant to have been written by Alan Moore and drawn by Jim Lee, that would have been the final issue to the 1963 comic book from[...]
Rob Liefeld On... Rob Liefeld
In recent days, we have looked at a war of words between comic book creators Rob Liefeld and Don Simpson that came from a WhatNot variant cover that Rob Liefeld posted, that Don Simpson took exception towards. But he was not alone in that, he was just a) the most prominent and b) had worked with[...]
Don Simpson Has A Few Things To Say About Rob Liefeld's WhatNot Cover
It's based on his cover to New Mutants #98 over thirty years ago. But the cover was going viral, and it caught the attention of creator Don Simpson, who drew Megaton Man comics and 1963 at Image Comics back in the day, saw Megaton Man run in Rob Liefeld's Asylum comic from Maximum Press, and now[...]
Don Simpson Alan Moore
1963 was an American six-issue comic book limited series written by Alan Moore in 1993, with art by his then-frequent collaborators Steve Bissette, John Totleben, and Rick Veitch, with Dave Gibbons, Don Simpson, and Jim Valentino working on the series Image Comics published the series and it was meant to culminate with a 1963 Annual[...]
Don Simpson and Gary Groth On Alan Moore's No-Credit For In Pictopia
On the 27th of February, Bleeding Cool posted an article referencing a then-current meme, Publish An Alan Moore Comic Without Saying It's An Alan Moore Comic. It referred to Fantagraphics republishing In Pictopia! as In Pictopia, the 13-page story by Alan Moore and Don Simpson, originally published by Fantagraphics in Anything Goes in 1986 This was[...]
Publish An Alan Moore Comic Without Saying It's An Alan Moore Comic
While DC Comics agreed to remove his name from adaptations of V for Vendetta and Watchmen, crediting them to being based on comics by David Lloyd and Dave Gibbons instead. This was down to issues Alan Moore had with both publishers, but also work he feels has been repurposed away from his original intentions or ownership,[...]
When Don Simpson Was Offered An Image Comics Partnership
Megaton Man creator Don Simpson has been posting most entertainingly on Facebook about that project that never happened, the 1963 Annual, that would have topped off the Image Comics series by Alan Moore, Steve Bissette, Rick Veitch and more. To heck with the 1963 Annual — I'm just going to draw the "In Pictopia" Annual —[...]