Rob Liefeld Takes On The Thorny Topic Of… Rob Liefeld

In recent days, we have looked at a war of words between comic book creators Rob Liefeld and Don Simpson that came from a WhatNot variant cover that Rob Liefeld posted, that Don Simpson took exception towards.

Rob Liefeld Takes On The Thorny Topic Of... Rob Liefeld

But he was not alone in that, he was just a) the most prominent and b) had worked with Liefeld previously at Image Comics. But there were other folks also mocking Rob online as well. So yesterday, Rob Liefeld hit back on Facebook.

I have the best support. Great folks who have bought my comics for 37 years and counting. Unbelievable sales records achieved, my creations are on toy shelves all over the world and in personal collections all over. They are in your video game consoles and in your dvd collections and on your streaming devices. In 1992, I sold over 12 million comic books, mostly based on unknown characters, the folks were, for all intents and purposes, supporting me, blindly, and I never forget it. Thank you.

Don't get rattled by unhappy folks with spite inside them. That's a waste of everyone's time. It's a reflection of their poor spirit, that's it. To those who go out of the way to use facts to correct obvious errors, thank you, I'm looking right at you.

The facts that crinkle the noses of the petty and disgruntled are that I'm fortunate to be one of the best selling comic creators of all time. And nothing they can say or do dents it even a little. The only person I'm looking up at in the modern era, is Jim Lee. That's it. He is the top selling comic of all time and I'm #2. Hard catch with all those crazy numbers besides us. It's been 31 years and our achievements continue to tower. It's exciting and humbling and I'm sure frustrating for the pundits who wish it very much not to not be true. Oh well. Here's some stuff the spiteful don't want you to remember.

  • Best selling X-Force.
  • Best selling Avengers
  • Best selling Deadpool
  • Sales on my first 2 issues of Captain America eclipsed an entire year's worth of issues before me.
  • Hasbro informed me my Snake Eyes was the best selling GI Joe in 15 years.

Maybe they just don't have an omnibus of their own and it upsets them. I wish them well, regardless. No matter, I got lots of work to do.

Well, using facts to correct obvious errors, Dog Man and Asterix are comics that sell five million copies without selling multiple copies to the same person, not being collected or speculated upon, just… read. But Rob Liefeld's stats remain pretty damn impressive anyway.

Rob Liefeld On... Rob Liefeld

Rob Liefeld has also been showing off some of his commissioned sketches, saying "Recent commissions for San Diego and New York comic con's. Contact Panel Page Art to reserve a spot."

Oh and Don Simpson has, apropos of nothing, posted his own pencilled splash page…

Rob Liefeld Takes On The Thorny Topic Of... Rob Liefeld

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