Dr. Niles Caulder

Doom Patrol Season 2 Preview: Will Space End Up Their Final Frontier

Doom Patrol Season 2 Preview: Will Space End Up Their Final Frontier?

Welcome back to our weekly preview of DC Universe and HBO Max's Doom Patrol, with episode "Space Patrol" pretty much spoiling the location of one of the storylines this week in its episode title. After a visit from some "old friends" of Niles, Dorothy finds herself in space- with Niles and Cliff right behind for […]

Doom Patrol Season 1 Episode 5 Paw Patrol: One Pug to Save Them All [PREVIEW]

'Doom Patrol' Season 1, Episode 5 "Paw Patrol": One Pug to Save Them All! [PREVIEW]

It's pretty safe to say that DC Universe's live-action Doom Patrol series is not your typical "superhero show" – it makes ABC's Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. look like the 60's Batman television series. A fourth-wall-breaking "big bad," a farting donkey and a Spanish priest's stigmata wounds as portals to other places, and an "homage" to […]

Doom Patrol: Get to Know Robotman Elasti-Woman and Crazy Jane [VIDEO]

'Doom Patrol': Get to Know Robotman, Elasti-Woman and Crazy Jane [VIDEO]

With the "World's Strangest Heroes" set to make their solo series debut on DC Universe on February 15th, the new streaming service is giving each member of this definitely-not-the-Justice-League team their moment in the spotlight–beginning with Brendan Frasier's Robotman, April Bowlby's Elasti-Woman, and Diane Guerrero's Crazy Jane. Here's a look at the first-half of a wholly different super team […]

DC Universe Finds Its Doom Patrol Chief in Dalton&#8230 Timothy Dalton

DC Universe Finds Its Doom Patrol "Chief" in Dalton… Timothy Dalton

Every great team needs a great leader, and DC Universe's live-action Doom Patrol series has theirs in the form of former 007 and Penny Dreadful star Timothy Dalton, who has been tapped to play Dr. Niles "The Chief" Caulder in the Titans follow-up series from Greg Berlanti and Warner Bros TV. Dalton joins Alan Tudyk (Firefly), who was cast last week in the role of […]

Fireflys Alan Tudyk Cast as DC Universes Doom Patrol Big Bad Mr. Nobody

Firefly's Alan Tudyk Cast as DC Universe's 'Doom Patrol' Big Bad Mr. Nobody

A superhero can sometimes be best defined by their nemesis, so it kinda makes sense that a "unique" team like Doom Patrol would be pitted against nobody — sorry, let's make that Mr. Nobody. DC Universe's live-action Doom Patrol series has found its big bad, tapping Firefly's Alan Tudyk to play the villainous Eric Morden/Mr. Nobody in the […]

Titans: Bruno Bichir Cast as Doom Patrols Dr. Niles The Chief Caulder

Titans: Bruno Bichir Cast as Doom Patrol's Dr. Niles "The Chief" Caulder

Following up on the announcement last week by Geoff Johns that the Doom Patrol would be appearing in the new live-action Titans series for the as-yet-unnamed DC streaming service, we have our first casting announcement. Bruno Bichir (Absentia) has been cast to play Dr. Niles Caulder, aka The Chief, a medical science pioneer who scours […]