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A man holding a Sega Dreamcast controller.
Retro-Bit is hard at work on a new Dreamcast controller to be released in the latter half of 2020 While it looks to be retaining most of the same form factor as the original, the company is dedicated to creating a new piece of equipment that's similar enough to the old one while offering a[...]
Bethesda Softworks Giving Away a SEGA Dreamcast With Rage 2
Have you ever had a desire to play modern games on a SEGA Dreamcast? That dream might come true if you also happen to be a Rage 2 fan Earlier this week, Bethesda Softworks posted a new contest online offering fans a chance to win a copy of the game which can be played through[...]
Want a Better Dreamcast Controller? Kickstarter Can Help
The Next Gen Sega Dreamcast Controller by Retro Fighters is a modern take on the original  Dreamcast controller We wanted to remake the Dreamcast controller with next generation features and designs! Retro Fighters outlined the updated controller's features on the Kickstarter, which you can check out below: We wanted to make a new ergonomic controller for one[...]
The Creator Of 'Seaman' Teases A Sequel Is In Progress
One day, the owner of the shop decides he's going to pop open a new Dreamcast game called Seaman for people to play in the shop, and having the day off, a friend and I spent a couple hours playing it on his system as he and others would check out what was going on[...]
BREAKING NEWS: Long Awaited 'Floigan Bros.' DLC Released For Dreamcast
Ever since the system showed off its capabilities to connect to the internet with its state-of-the-art 56k modem, we Dreamcast fans have been waiting for the day when buying a video game meant that you didn't actually buy the video game and that a parent company would charge you more money to have everything you[...]