Retro-Bit is Working on A New Dreamcast Controller for Late 2020

Retro-Bit is hard at work on a new Dreamcast controller to be released in the latter half of 2020. While it looks to be retaining most of the same form factor as the original, the company is dedicated to creating a new piece of equipment that's similar enough to the old one while offering a series of modern improvements.

A man holding a Sega Dreamcast controller, courtesy of SEGA.
A man holding a Sega Dreamcast controller, courtesy of SEGA.

Many consider the Dreamcast controller to be pretty flawless the way it is, but it's true it could potentially use a few important tweaks. Retro-Bit took to Twitter to share a peek at what the company is planning to do with the original form factor. "We bring you the #SEGA #Dreamcast controller with features made just for you!" the tweet read. "Wired & Wireless options will have you making a tough decision, but with a 6-button layout, redesigned Dpad, & new analog stick, you won't regret either choice."

The tweet included a grid-like blueprint with plans for the repositioned triggers, a six-button layout, and an altered analog stick. The option to use the controller with both wired and wireless modes is a massive boon for anyone who plays ROMs or prefers to use the Dreamcast controller with other games on the PC. Most importantly, Retro-Bit is giving the controller's D-pad and analog sticks a new lease on life, which should make for a pretty impressive change for fans of the original. These small changes will be enough to make many buyers happy.

Retro-Bit has several classic controllers with modern tweaks to them on its online storefront, like three new Nintendo 64 controllers in gorgeous new colors and shapes well as repro cartridges adapters, stands, and cables you may need for your older games. Currently, Retro-Bit doesn't have a release date in mind beyond the nebulous release date of simply "2020." If you're looking to pick one up, you might want to keep track of the company's social media presence or keep checking back at the official website, because once these retro controllers are out, they typically sell out very quickly. And there are still plenty of great Dreamcast games out there that you could presumably use this controller with.

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