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He passed the torch to actor, comedian, and host Drew Carey, who remains host to this day Even after his retirement, Barker made occasional appearances, including reuniting with his Happy Gilmore (1996) co-star Adam Sandler in 2015's A Night of Too Many Stars in round two of their epic fight that remained one of the[...]
WWE Royal Rumble 2019: Bleeding Cool Ranks All 32 Rumble Matches!
This is also the one with Drew Carey in the match But dammit, it is so much fun Kane was the star of this one, as he went over 50 minutes and probably should have won His moment with a returning Honky Tonk Man is classic WWE, and the match features some actual hilarious moments[...]
Drew Carey Price is Right
Host Drew Carey announced the actual retail value of an item and a young woman named Sona was within $40 dollars, making her the winner In her excitement, the slight woman raced on stage in her neon green t-shirt and exuberantly hugged Carey, then tried to throw her legs around him, putting all her weight[...]
Drew Carey Price is Right
Drew Carey, currently the host of The Price is Right, will be making a guest appearance on the network's most popular drama series NCIS The comedian/actor/host will play a retired Marine Sergeant named John Ross who ships care packages to active-duty servicemen every day When one of those packages is found to have cyanide laced[...]