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Mondo Goes Back To The Future This Week With Posters, Vinyl, Pins

Mondo Goes Back To The Future This Week With Posters, Vinyl, Pins

This has been a long-requested release from Mondo, and to make it more special, they partnered with original Back to the Future poster artists Drew Struzan for the artwork for the release The soundtrack is pressed on 180-gram vinyl Also available is a new poster by artist Adam Simpson of Hill Valley Two versions will[...]

Drew Struzan out of Retirement for 'How To Train Your Dragon 3' Posters

Acclaimed cinema poster artist Drew Struzan came out of retirement to create three amazing posters for the third and final How To Train Your Dragon film, and we're just a little choked up.The last movie poster Struzan did was for Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015, after creating some of the most iconic film[...]

Sideshow Collectibles To Publish Capturing Archetypes Volume 2

Sideshow Collectibles has announced that following the success of their debut Capturing Archetypes book, that they will be releasing a second volume with a whole new slate of photography and a forward by renowned film poster artist Drew Struzan.The new volume will feature 192 pages ranging from Batman to Darth Vader as well as the[...]

Drew Struzan And Bob Peak Art On Display… At A Cemetery?

Two of the legends of movie poster art, Drew Struzan and Bob Peak, are getting an exhibit of their work at the Forest Lawn Museum in Glendale, CA The exhibit, called The Masters Of Movie Art runs January 24th through May 26th. Now some of you may be thinking.. wait, isn't Forest Lawn a cemetery? Yup[...]

Legendary Artist Drew Struzan Designs Poster For Frank Darabont's Mob City Series

He's done posters for Star Wars and Indiana Jones and Harry Potter, but Drew Struzan is now turning his iconic talents to TV, designing a poster for Frank Darabont's new TNT series Mob City.Of course, this is less Struzan slumming it and more two old friends who've collaborated several times before - including on Darabont's[...]

Drew Struzan "Misunderstood" About Star Wars Posters – Not Asked, Not Interested

Earlier in the week a quote from Drew Struzan made it sound like he had already been contacted by Disney about drafting posters for upcoming Star Wars films Seemed like an early play by the Mouse, but I assumed they were after some teaser posters, an announcement image or the like.But.. oops It was all a big misunderstanding, he[...]

Drew Struzan Has Been Asked By Disney To Come Back For More Star Wars Posters

Though he's "trying to be retired," the beloved poster artist Drew Struzan is still adored by fans - and so it would seem, filmmakers too I've always had a soft spot for his posters - and there's no prizes for guessing my favourite.Of course.There's some potentially exciting news for those who particularly like his Star[...]

New Trailer For Drew Struzan Documentary, The Man Behind The Poster

Drew Struzan is one of the most famous and beloved of movie poster artists and an exemplar of the painted style that seems to have been quite thoroughly quelled in studio marketing campaigns of recent years.Frank Darabont created a nice tribute to Struzan in The Mist, featuring some of his original artwork in the movie:[...]

The Cowboys & Aliens 1-2-3

But by what?Actually, an unused poster by Drew Struzan, famed airbrush master of the movie posters of yore, put a silhouetted alien front and centre As I said, however, it went unused.. it's nice, though, and after the film is out, I'll probably put it up on the site.For now? Too much of a spoiler,[...]

Drew Struzan's Walking Dead Poster Is Beautfiul

Premiered at Aint it Cool, I think this beautiful painting needs to come over to Bleeding Cool too. Actually, I think a real, signed one needs to come over the Atlantic and live in my house.