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DrLupo's Build Against Cancer Starts On December 17th
DrLupo will be holding his annual Build Against Cancer event starting on December 17th, benefiting St Jude's again this year Starting on December 17th at 10am PT, you'll be able to tune into the live stream on YouTube, as well as visiting the digital fundraising platform Tiltify, where you can donate to the cause as[...]
DrLupo Unveils Spring 2020 Junior Rogue Team Roster
This week, ReKTGlobal along with DrLupo revealed the Spring 2020 Junior Rogue team roster for all areas of Fortnite headed into this esports season Working in partnership with the Find Your Grind Foundation (FYG), Junior Rogue provides amateur Fortnite players with opportunities to succeed in esports for a semester These kids get industry access to[...]
Twitch Launches A Redesign To Kick Off TwitchCon 2019
Twitch managed to pull off a pretty cool surprise this week with one of its streamers, as DrLupo got an amazing surprise in the mail This year the Fortnite streamer was holding a special charity stream to raise funds for St Jude Children's Hospital and was doing exceptionally well The plan was to raise as[...]
Auto Draft
Have you ever wanted to see DrLupo on your desk every day? Well, now you can have that experience as LAMO is releasing an exclusive vinyl figure The game has been selling special vinyl versions of famous streamers in the game such as Ninja, Lirik, Summit1G, Shroud, Dr Disrespect, and Tim The Tatman Starting today,[...]
"Fortnite" Player DrLupo Signs Multi-Year Deal With ReKTGlobal
Some big news today for Fortnite streamer/player Benjamin "DrLupo" Lupo, who has signed a multi-year deal with ReKTGlobal According to the announcement this morning, the terms of the multi-year deal will have Lupo serving as the face of their main esports team Rogue through "appearances, streams, and sponsorship activations" As well as working with the[...]