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Simon And Kirby's Fighting American #1 Review: A Muddled Parody/Homage
It could be a parody of old-fashioned comics, but those jokes have grown so old thanks to the likes of Deadpool and Harley Quinn. Fighting American #1 art by Duke Mighten and Tracy Bailey Unfortunately, it leaves Fighting American feeling unremarkable It's trying to keep the spirit of the original alive, but the original run's parody motif[...]
Titan Debuts Duke Mighten​'s Interior Art For Fighting American #1
What we're saying is, the time is ripe for the Fighting American to return, don't you think? The book won't be in stores for a few months, but Titan Comics has just released some interior art by artist Duke Mighten Check it out below, and get your patriotism on this October with The Fighting American #1. FIGHTING[...]