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Fake News: Millions Expected To Pirate Solar Eclipse By Watching In Sky For Free
Move over Game of Thrones! There's a new king of piracy in town, and its name is Total Solar Eclipse! A NASA map of expected eclipse piracy. As Eclipsemania envelops the country today, millions of Americans are deciding where to watch the rare and exciting cosmic event NASA will be streaming the eclipse live on its website[...]
Moon Pie Gets Territorial On Twitter Over Hostess Cupcakes' Bogus Eclipse Claim
For the chocolate coated graham cracker and marshmallow sandwich known as the Moon Pie, today's total solar eclipse is more than just a rare astronomical event; it's a marketing opportunity. Let's face it: Moon Pies don't have a lot going for them Sure, back in 1917 when the snack was first invented, chocolate, graham crackers, and[...]
Writer's Commentary – Zack Kaplan Talks Eclipse #1
When I recently interviewed Zack Kaplan about his Top Cow series Eclipse, there were things he couldn't say because of the mystery involved Now that the book is on the shelves (check your local retailer for a copy), Zack is back with a writer's commentary for those who have already read it. Commentary Track for Eclipse[...]
Murdered By The Sun… An Exclusive Extended Preview Of Eclipse
I recently interviewed writer Zack Kaplan about his new Top Cow series Eclipse It's a science fiction story set on a future Earth where the Sun is no longer our friend The series is drawn by Giovanni Timpano and we've seen a couple preview pages, but here we have an exclusive extended preview of the[...]
Creator-Owned Books Top Advance Reorders, Kill Or Be Killed, Walking Dead, Skybourne, Eclipse And Paper Girls
There's much anticipation for the release of Eclipse as well, and Paper Girls continues to be the comic that surprises retailers how well it does month in and month out. As for collection, retailers just keep on upping their numbers on Killing Joke… TOP 25 ADVANCE REORDER COMICS/GRAPHIC NOVELS/TPs Description SRP Vendor KILL OR BE KILLED #2 (MR) $3.99 IMA WALKING DEAD #158 CONNECTING[...]
Pages Of Miracleman Triumphant, Recovered , But Are There Any More Out There?
It was never published. Intended to explore the gap between the end of the Gaiman and Buckingham's first and second arc, the Golden Age and Silver Age, as Eclipse folded, so did the book. Deodato told Brazilian site Judao that the pages completed have disappeared, send to Eclipse and never returned Deodato had only four photocopies of[...]
Spotlight On Dean Mullaney At San Diego Comic Con
Ray Brown writes from San Diego Comic Con for Bleeding Cool; Dean was set to be the next assistant editor at Marvel, but Shooter took over, so he decided to start Eclipse instead  And Eclipse was a pioneer for creator rights  So Jim Shooter was indirectly responsible for Eclipse and creators' rights. When Steve Gerber  and Eclipse[...]