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Andy and Jim harmonize on The Office, courtesy of NBC.

The Office Alum Ed Helms On How Andy Bernard Would Tackle A Quarantine

One of the most memorable roles of Ed Helms’ career is Andy Bernard on The Office While promoting his latest Netflix film Coffee & Kareem, the actor spoke with Entertainment Weekly about how Andy at Dunder Mifflin deals with self-isolation and social distancing “It depends on when in the series you catch Andy," he says[...]

Coffee & Kareem starring Ed Helms & Taraji P Henson | Official Trailer | Netflix

'Coffee & Kareem': Ed Helms Stars in New Netflix Comedy

Coming to Netflix next week, it stars Ed Helms and Taraji P Henson as a couple, and her son doesn't exactly approve of their dating Helms is a cop, and when her son gets them into a pickle with Detroit's underbelly, they go on the run and naturally hilarity ensues Raunchy hilarity, this is some[...]

Tag-Inspired Episode of Inside Gaming Has Clip from the New Film

The film including Ed Helms (We’re the Millers), Isla Fisher (Arrested Development), Jake Johnson (New Girl), Annabelle Wallis (The Mummy), Hannibal Buress (Neighbors), Rashida Jones (Angie Tribeca), Jon Hamm (Mad Men) and Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker).The clip shows Sable (Buress) in a therapy session where we learn that he may have an issue with jealousy and following[...]

The Office Getting Revived at NBC? That's a Worse Idea Than Scott's Tots

For seasons eight and nine, we were treated to Ed Helms' Andy Bernard as the boss.This is evidently something that has been discussed before, as network president Bob Greenblatt told reporters before Will & Grace made its return:  “We often talk about The Office,” the exec told Deadline “I’ve talked to Greg [Daniels] four times over the past[...]

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Culture Clash Comedy Pilot Re-Training Day Lands at Fox

Culture clash comedy Re-Training Day is looking to set up shop at Fox, with the network giving a pilot commitment to the comedy from Steven Cragg and Brian Bradley (developers/executive producers, Uncle Buck). Written and executive produced by Cragg and Bradley and based on a segment from NPR's Planet Money, the series pilot will also be executive[...]

Father Figures

Owen Wilson And Ed Helms Are Twins In 'Father Figures'

The story of two brothers, Owen Wilson and Ed Helms, who discover that their mother, Glenn Close, was rather promiscuous in her day and that their fathers may be one of four people: J.K Simmons, Terry Bradshaw, Ving Rhames, or Christopher Walken.Besides the plethora of questions that opens up.. how do you cast Owen Wilson[...]

The New 2015 Tartan Prancer – The Car To Take On Vacation

The film stars Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Chris Hemsworth, Leslie Mann, Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo.Vacation is in theaters July 29th.[youtube]https://youtu.be/uFHehn0UOLU[/youtube] Warner Bros has released this faux ad / viral video for their upcoming reboot of Vacation Here we get to see a car commercial for the 2015 Tartan Prancer that includes every classic car[...]

Vacation Red Band Trailer Features Chris Hemsworth

A new version of Vacation is coming to theaters and it features Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Leslie Mann and Chevy Chase The film also features Thor and his abs (and a Mjolnir stand-in) as it seems Chris Hemsworth spends a lot of time in his underwear in the film Here, 30 years after their trip[...]

The Vacation Reboot Is Taking A… Er… Hiatus, Allegedly Over Ratings Quibbles

I do wonder if writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein will still be holding the megaphones when, or if, this thing gets going again.Or if, indeed, any of the cast will be changed, from new Rusty Ed Helms, co-star Christina Applegate to returning guest players Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo. The official story, in[...]

Chevy Chase And Beverly D'Angelo Set For Belated Vacation Sequel

When Ed Helms was cast as a grown-up Rusty Griswold in the new Vacation movie it marked the project out as a sequel by picking up one of the same threads later on, but also seemed to provide an option for a pretty clear new start The typical "next generation" play.Such follow-ups are never without[...]

Hangover Press Release Reveals What The Film Isn't About

What could go wrong, right? But when the Wolfpack hits the road, all bets are off.The Hangover Part III reunites Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Bartha as Phil, Stu, Alan and Doug Returning to the ensemble are Ken Jeong, Heather Graham, Jeffrey Tambor and, as the guys’ long-suffering wives, Gillian Vigman, Sasha Barrese[...]

The Wolfpack Gets Huge Pay Raise to Return For The Hangover 3

Linda Ge writes for Bleeding Cool.Of course there's going to be another sequel to The Hangover, and of course Warner Bros will do whatever it takes to get the trio of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis to come back and reprise their roles as amnesiac groomsmen, The Wolfpack.THR reports that the three actors,[...]

Is This The Surprising Future Of The Ambiguously Gay Duo?

Last night saw the surprise return of Robert Smigel's Ambiguously Gay Duo to Saturday Night Live. And by surprise, I really do mean that there was a genuinely unexpected twist, and a good one too. Talk about the living end. Now, US readers can watch the official version on the official site but the rest […]

Teaser Trailer For The Hangover 2

This doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. I really hated the first film… I won't go into that now, but will tomorrow, in my Due Date Blu-ray review. Nonetheless, The Hangover was both a popular and a financial success, and there's a huge amount of anticipation for this second installment. You'll see how this […]