The Wolfpack Gets Huge Pay Raise to Return For The Hangover 3

The Wolfpack Gets Huge Pay Raise to Return For The Hangover 3Linda Ge writes for Bleeding Cool.

Of course there's going to be another sequel to The Hangover, and of course Warner Bros will do whatever it takes to get the trio of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis to come back and reprise their roles as amnesiac groomsmen, The Wolfpack.

THR reports that the three actors, who all found their fame somewhat boosted by the original Hangover, have banded together to demand $15 million each for this threequel, and the studio is close to agreeing.

That's 15 times more than they were paid to appear in the first movie and 3 times their sequel paycheck. But I wouldn't call the actors overpaid, with the first film raking in $467 million worldwide and the sequel $581 million worldwide. What's a little $45 million chip in a billion dollar franchise, right?

Deals are now being finalized after months in negotiations, and the movie is on track to begin filming this summer for a Memorial Day 2013 release.

While The Hangover Part II was criticized for being a little bit too similar to the original, Cooper teases and reassures the conclusion to the trilogy will "maybe not adhere to the structure, it might be different." It will also take place in Los Angeles, where the characters reside, rather than some other exotic locale to top Vegas and Bangkok.

Of course the big question remains: what creative way will they find to leave poor Justin Bartha out of the action (and his own $15 million paycheck) this time?

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