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Top DC Comics of 2017 #4: Green Lanterns #28 by Sam Humphries and Eduardo Pansica
However, there is this weird thing where no one issue is so good as to go up higher on this list (there are other series I adore that missed these lists for the same reason). Green Lanterns managed to make it primarily for this issue, Green Lanterns #29 by Sam Humphries and Eduardo Pansica. Green Lanterns #28 Cover by Brad[...]
Green Lanterns #33 Review: New Writer, Same Simon and Jess
Does this mean that Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and Kyle Rayner are all effectively broke right now? Who funds this organization? How do they feed their members? I guess Mogo could do a lot of that last one, but what if Kilowog wants a Thanagarian steak (whatever meat or pseudo-meat that would be[...]
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However, this feels like sort of a predetermined plot beat, and it doesn't go too far out of the expectations for such a story. What helps make up for the slight lacking in plot is the return of artist Eduardo Pansica He was last seen in the "Polarity" storyline in the series, and his work looks[...]