Green Lanterns #33 Review: New Writer, Same Simon and Jess

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Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz have been called to handle a crisis on another planet in Sector 2814. A star is going supernova, and the Green Lantern Corps have discovered a planet in the system has life living underground. Simon and Jessica are just the people to handle it.

Unfortunately, the people of the planet worship their world and are unwilling to leave it. Time is running out, and Simon and Jess have to convince them to save their own lives and come with them.

An Ungaran ship (the people of legendary Green Lantern Abin Sur) is there to help, too.

Simon and Jess must also cope with the fact that they need to get jobs when they get back home.

Green Lanterns #33 cover by Riccardo Federici and Tomeu Morey
Green Lanterns #33 cover by Riccardo Federici and Tomeu Morey

Writer Sam Humphries did an incredible job with Green Lanterns for its first 32 issues. It quickly became my favorite DC title of Rebirth. As such, even though I've enjoyed his work on Nightwing, I was a little worried to Tim Seeley was going to replace Humphries.

Thankfully, these worries were unfounded, as Green Lanterns #33 was a strong first step for Seeley on the title.

Admittedly, there isn't much of a different feel to the comic, but that's honestly a good thing. Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz are still very endearing protagonists. Their shortcomings and hang-ups are still there to keep them relatable and, well, themselves. There is still an upbeat tempo and a lot of humor in the tone. In short, it still feels like Green Lanterns.

The only difference, and this may only be for this issue, is that Sira is used as an aggressive sitcom-esque buzzkill to convince Simon to get a job. That's not to say she doesn't have good reason for doing so, but it would be nice for Sira to have a Sira way of convincing Simon to get a paying job. This is a woman who slams donuts like crack cocaine, after all. She's awesome, so seeing her act like a Patricia Heaton character feels a little out of character for Sira.

Also, you'd think the Green Lantern Corps would find a way to pay its members, even if it is an intergalactic space organization. Does this mean that Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and Kyle Rayner are all effectively broke right now? Who funds this organization? How do they feed their members? I guess Mogo could do a lot of that last one, but what if Kilowog wants a Thanagarian steak (whatever meat or pseudo-meat that would be made from)? Who pays for that?

Anyway, nerd-musings on the economics of the Green Lantern Corps aside, let's move onto the art.

Green Lanterns #33 art by Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, and Alex Sollazzo
Green Lanterns #33 art by Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, and Alex Sollazzo

And look — the amazing Eduardo Pansica is back for this issue! As always, his work is frigging stunning. It has a texture and expressiveness to it that few artists working right now can match. He is rising to be one of my favorite artists working at DC right now, and I would love to see him get work on more DC titles.

Color artist Alex Sollazzo is no slouch, either, using varying shades and gradients to really give the world some life and depth. His style coordinates with Pansica's very well, and the resulting comic is gorgeous.

Green Lanterns continues its hot streak under the new writer, and I'm glad for it. This is still the DC title I personally look forward to the most every month. Now is a good time to hop on if you haven't started reading it already. I highly recommend it. Pick it up.

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