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Out of the Blue: Dennis Hopper Cult Classic Gets US Theatrical Release
John Alan Simon and Elizabeth Karr had restored the movie to 35mm prints in 2010 and then a 4K digital restoration when the film prints began to wear down. "Out of the Blue" Metrograph poster, courtesy of Discovery Pictures. "Don Barnes (Dennis Hopper) is a truck driver in prison for drunkenly smashing his rig into a school[...]
“Out of the Blue”: Kickstarter to Restore Dennis Hopper’s Cult Classic in 4K
(John Alan Simon and Elizabeth Karr) are now undertaking the 4K digital restoration from the original negative 'Out Of The Blue' exists only as a 35mm print and last century standard-def masters Its audience has been limited to "event" screenings like the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Lincoln Center Film Society, British Film Institute, Cinemateque Francaise,[...]