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John Cassaday, Greg Land, Joseph Michael Linsner And More Join Charity Art Auction
– CBLDF And some not pictured: Ethan Van Sciver donated Sinestro #15 pg.3 – Saved Whiskers Rescue Ryan Sook donated World's Finest #14 Cover – Saved Whiskers Rescue Dan Schkade donated The Spirit Test Pin-Up – CBLDF Big Wow!/Ray Lago donated Pussycats #0 Covers – Saved Whiskers Rescue Tom Fleming of Fan Fare Art donated Curt Swan and Al Williamson Superman[...]
Ethan Van Sciver Vs. Daniel Kesner
Especially Ethan Van Sciver. This dude is tracing my art and selling it on eBay He has a whole FB page where he pretends to be a comic artist — ComicArtistPro Secrets (@EthanVanSciver) November 27, 2015 I'm fascinated that #DanielKesner chose to swipe a #HelloKitty#GreenLantern doodle I did for a friend[...]
Van Sciver Sinestro Pages And More On Auction For Charity
Comic Fusion is auctioning Comic Book Themed Sketches to raise money and awareness for CASA of Somerset, Hunterdon, and Warren Counties (CASA SHaW), a charitable organization which provides advocates in court for children living in the foster care system. Sketches include pieces from Mike Lilly, Stan Sakai, Don Rosa, Bob Camp and pages from Sinestro by[...]
Things To Do In New Jersey This Weekend If You Like Comics And Want To Help SAFE
Cupcakes by The Mixing Bowl and plenty of kids activities! SAFE in Hunterdon delivers critical support services to the many families that have experienced violence in their lives.Through a 24-hour hotline, safe and transitional housing, legal advocacy, crisis intervention, individual and group counseling, community education and PALS, a unique children's arts therapy program, Artists for Saturday October 4th 12-5PM! – Charles Wilson[...]
Ethan Van Sciver Lost His Facebook Page
I follow artist Ethan Van Sciver on his facebook page He posts everything from art update, to his thoughts on the industry and film, his political views and more personal stuff like weight loss and his relationship status He even posted a video of himself singing "You Spin Me Round" by Dead Or Alive. Now I missed[...]
Wizard World Philly: Marv Wolfman, Sam Ellis, Cosplay And Howard The Duck
We looked at a lot of old Look magazines, How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way, Mad Men and brought something together that not only pleased Adam but pleased us as well. JC: The series has a decidedly retro look even though it's in a modern setting you look at the backgrounds and a static design[...]
Fourteen Of The Batman 75th Anniversary Variant Covers From DC Comics
Here are fourteen of the upcoming Batman 75th Anniversary Variant Covers shipping from DC Comics in June… and starting with one, in mid production, that you might not have seen anywhere else yet. Green Lantern #33 by Ethan Van Sciver Justice League #33 by Darwyn Cooke Justice League Dark #33 by Kelley Jones Action Comics #33 by Kevin Nowlan Detective[...]
Is This The Wonder Woman Comic We've Been Waiting For? Plus, Oracle!
But its not exactly the comic I can give to my daughters, who enjoy Wonder Woman in non-comics form. Well, Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, a new digital-first-then-print comic from Gail Simone, Ethan Van Sciver, Amanda Deibert and Cat Staggs has the potential to be that It even appears to have Barbara Gordan back in the wheelchair… SENSATION COMICS[...]
Ethan Van Sciver And The Sudden Four Pages Of Green Lantern
Tommy Zimmer wrote from Detroit Fanfare; Ethan Van Sciver quietly entered the doors of the Great Lakes Ballroom at the Adoba Hotel in Dearborn noiselessly He sat down at his booth, and started to draw humbly and quietly No stir, nothing; just a legendary comics artist at work. When I approached him for an interview that Saturday[...]
What's So Silly About "Lazerman?"
And to top it off, this volume will also feature a variant cover by Ethan Van Sciver. So we humbly invite everyone to help us keep the torch going To cast a vote for a lighthearted, fun, and even kid-friendly comic, that is meant to remind us what made us fall in love with comics in[...]
Dan DiDio And Ethan Van Sciver's Batcow
:). This is far from the first time Ethan Van Sciver has worked on an animal-focused book, he broke into the industry with his still-much-loved Cyberfrog. Is there any way I could suggest a team up between the two of them? Or Batcow Vs Cyberfrog? Oh, think we can only get two stories out of the Batman[...]
Will Gail Simone Leave Batgirl? DC Creative Changes In The Next Few Months
Look forward to them announcing a brand new creative direction for that book for March. Ans yes, I had heard that Scott Snyder has been piling up more and more projects – leaving Swamp Thing and putting American Vampire on hold may be his best option. But what about the rest? Hawkman has just been through one[...]
Dan Jurgens Takes Over Writing And Drawing Firestorm
In what DC describe as "a whole new direction beginning this issue". The title has had a little trouble, creatively, with co-writer Gail Simone walking off the book, to be replaced by Joe Harris, soon to be followed leaving the book by the other co-writer Ethan Van Sciver Artist Yildiray Cinar stayed on the book, and[...]
And Finally… When Ethan Van Sciver Drew Rob Granito
Possibly the most Bleeding Cool thing ever, from one of Ethan Van Sciver's sketchbooks. Possibly the most Bleeding Cool thing ever, from one of Ethan Van Sciver's sketchbooks. Possibly the most Bleeding Cool thing ever, from one of Ethan Van Sciver's sketchbooks. Possibly the most Bleeding Cool thing ever, from one of Ethan Van Sciver's[...]
The Ultimates #1
See you there." The "Boy ate they something" line sticks out as a hint to something, which has led Ethan Van Sciver to post some speculation of his own, as he has commented, "Now look, I don't know ANYTHING I keep my eyes on my own paper and don't ask for info about other stuff DC is[...]
Bastardized By Joe Harris And Ethan Van Sciver From DC In 2012
Bastardized is a new horror series by Joe Harris and Ethan Van Sciver, the upcoming Fury Of Firestorm creative team, to be published by DC Comics next year. That's basically all I know Bastardized Horror series Joe Harris Ethan Van Sciver DC Comics. What do you want, blood? You'll probably get it… DC declined to comment[...]
DC Confirms Gail Simone Leaving The Fury Of Firestorm
Beginning with issue #7, Joe Harris will be joining Ethan Van Sciver as co-writer. I was called a peddler of falsehoods by some for stating a couple of months ago that Gail Simone had walked off The Fury Of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men, over editorial conflicts on the book Truth is it was a rumour[...]
Wednesday Trending Topics: New 52, New Creators?
He left after the first arc and the second arc… faded away. Gail Simone Quits Firestorm? The hottest rumour burning down the pre-NYCC parties is that Gail Simone, co-writer of DC Relaunch title  Fury Of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men with Ethan Van Sciver, has walked off the comic. Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today: A Shot From Iron Man Appears[...]
Gail Simone Quits Firestorm
The hottest rumour burning down the pre-NYCC parties is that Gail Simone, co-writer of DC Relaunch title  Fury Of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men with Ethan Van Sciver, has walked off the comic. The reason being given by the Manhattan tittle tattlers is over editorial conflicts over the book, the kind of thing alluded to here. This only[...]
Talking About The DC Relaunch At Calgary, Philadelphia And On Twitter
And something appears to be wired into Batgirl's costume. At Wizard World Philadelphia, the Croctchety Old Nerds talked to Tony Bedard, who gave incredibly diplomatic answers as to his rection to the Green Lantern movie, that it was beautiful, he liked the battle at the end and that he's looking forward to a Sinestro-focussed sequel, but[...]