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Astaroth and Seong Mi-Na Annoucned for SoulCalibur VI at EVO 2018
Bandai Namco had a few big reveals today, with SoulCalibur VI being front and center during EVO 2018 as Astaroth and Seong Mi-Na will join the game When we learned that the roster of the game would be limited to 20 characters, we figured there would be some long-time mainstays that might be left out of[...]
Nintendo Announces a New Nintendo Direct at EVO 2018
One of the biggest announcements to come out of EVO 2018 today came from of all people, Nintendo, who revealed a new Nintendo Direct The news was done before the Super Smash Bros Melee championship round, which had the entire arena on their feet as they erupted with excitement, and then subsequently revealed on Twitter[...]
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle august dlc characters
Among the announcements that Arc System Works had at EVO 2018, we got to find out that BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle will be getting some new characters During their presentation, the company revealed some new DLC that will be coming out in North America starting tomorrow, August 6th, and with it comes nine new characters across[...]
EVO 2018 Announces Complete Schedule for Games, Streams, and Commentators
In case you might be wondering when you can check out your favorite matches happening at EVO 2018 this year, the company just released their full schedule Every single game's pools, semi-finals, and finals have been outlines, and as you can see there is a little bit of crossover from some favorites It's also interesting[...]
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Year by year, it's usually pretty easy to predict what games will be the most popular heading into EVO 2018, based primarily on popularity For the past few years, Street Fighter has dominated the tournament as the biggest game to receive signups for the tournament This year, the king has been dethroned, as Dragon Ball[...]
Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Will Be Coming to EVO 2018
In a rather strange turn of events, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round will be added to the EVO 2018 Championship Series Koei Tecmo made the announcement in a press release this morning, along with a letter from Yosuke Hayashi and Yohei Shimbori about the addition (which we have for you below). It's a rather odd move since[...]
Dragon Ball FighterZ goten
Capcom: Infinite didn't make the cut for Evo 2018 and was essentially replaced by newcomer Dragon Ball FighterZ for tournament play may now need to rethink the popularity of the game and its inclusion today On Twitter this week, one of the organizers named Mr Wizard posted the current leaderboards of entrants for every game,[...]
Evo 2018 Organizer Contacts FBI After Mass-Shooting Threat on Twitch
Wizard" Cuellar after the tweet below was added to a discussion thread about security at esports tournaments, showing a Twitch chat room where someone threatened a mass-shooting at Evo 2018. Since we're on the topic Idk how I feel about this Joke or not, I don't like this pic.twitter.com/BbH1Zh2lto — Bryan ॐ (@Dankadillas) March 10, 2018 The tweet[...]
A Dragon Ball FighterZ Producer Will Enter EVO This Year
Right? That theory is going to be put to the test at EVO 2018 at Tomoko Hiroki, the Bandai Namco producer of Dragon Ball FighterZ, will be competing in the tournament themselves Much like when you hear about people entering the World Martial Arts Tournament in the Dragon Ball universe, this one came with a bit of a[...]
EVO 2018 Releases Their Full Game Tournament Lineup
EVO has decided to release the list of games that will be held for official EVO World 2018 tournament competition this year, and while most of the list comes as no surprise, there are some new additions and at least one left out that may surprise a few.