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From Witches To Dragons: Archaia Is Releasing A New Storyteller Series
The project is entitled Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Dragons #1 (Of 4), written by Daniel Bayliss and Fabian Rangel Jr., with art by Daniel Bayliss. The comic will focus on dragons who have taken many different shapes in cultures across the world, from serpents and "worms" to thunderbirds and the classic European firebreather In this first[...]
Reading Rumble With Space Riders' Fabian Rangel Jr: The Bleed Podcast 45
The podcast consists of the latest news in comics, creator interviews, and a weekly book club discussion. This week we are kicking off a new year of the Bleed with Fabian Rangel Jr., writer of Space Riders and Doc Unknown! Rangel Jr has had an amazing 2015 and looks to capitalize on that success with MORE WORK! But before that[...]
It's All About Coming Together In Mouse Guard: Legends Of The Guard Vol. 3 #4
3 #4, features three stories: The Lament of Poor Lenora, written and illustrated by Becky Cloonan, The Watchers Stone, written and illustrated by Ryan Lang, and Deep and Dark, written by Fabian Rangel Jr., with art by Aaron Conley. So, I'm not biased or anything by my immense love of Gotham Academy, but I must say[...]
The Vortex Of Madness: Preview Space Riders #1 Out This Week From Black Mask
Written by Doc Unknown's Fabian Rangel Jr., with artwork by Alexis Ziritt, and lettered by Ryan Ferrier, it's a kind of explosion of strange energy and enthusiasm for the medium. The teaser for the series looks like this: Black Mask describes the first issue thus: From the galactic core to the outer quadrants, one name strikes terror in[...]
Spotlight On ComiXology Submit – Zootrope, The Reservoir, Los Muertos
Reading The Reservoir is a substantial introduction to a world that's epic, mean, gritty, and very human, and it may well be the starting point of a Moth City journey for many readers. Los Muertos, written Fabian Rangel Jr., with art by Juan Romero and lettering by Rachel Deering, published by Believe in Comics I'm familiar with[...]